Matrix Resurrections: Why Hugo Weaving Didn’t Return As Agent Smith

Because of this, Hugo Weaving hasn’t repeated his iconic role as Agent Smith in The Matrix Resurrections. After nearly 20 years, the Matrix franchise finally returned in 2021, with co-creator Lana Wachowski  at the helm. While the resulting film  polarized both critics and fans, the backlash is certainly not as harsh as  The Matrix Revolutions, […]

Washington state to require internet service disclosure when selling house in new year 

Moving houses means potentially figuring out new internet connections.Getty Image It’s tough to assume home existence with out the net, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now a regulation going into impact in Washington kingdom is acknowledging that.  Starting withinside the new year, home dealers in Washington may be required to percentage their net issuer on […]

The world welcomes 2022 with muted celebrations as COVID-19 cases surge

Fireworks light up the sky over Sydney Harbour as the clock strikes midnight on January 01, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. BROOK MITCHELL / GETTY IMAGES The world rings in 2022 with silent celebrations for another year as the coronavirus pandemic, now fueled by the rapidly spreading variant of Omicron, continues to disrupt daily life around the […]

BlackBerry will die on January 4th — for real this time

Image Credit:The Verge Dear friends, today we are gathered here  to mourn the death of that once beloved monarch of the mobile world: BlackBerry, and yes, I understand that this is not the first time we have heralded the death of the company or its devices (and, for reasons I’ll explain below, this probably won’t […]

New York City ushers in 2022 with ball drop in Times Square

Revellers gather during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square on Dec. 31, 2021, in New York. (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon) New York City welcomed the New Year and said goodbye to 2021  as confetti and cheers swept across Times Square as the New Year’s Eve tradition returned to a city ravaged by a global […]

‘Serious’ talk between Joe Biden, Putin sets stage for diplomacy 

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged warnings about Ukraine on Thursday  but were optimistic that diplomatic talks in January could ease rising tensions. In a 50-minute call, their second conversation this month, Biden said he had to see Russia downsize its military near Ukraine, while Putin said sanctions threatened by Washington […]

Truck driver’s 110-year sentence reduced after US outcry

A truck driver, Rogel Aguilera Mederos, whose 110-year prison term caused outrage over a fatal accident, had his sentence reduced to 10 years on Thursday. More than 4.5 million people, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian, called for a reduction in Rogel Aguilera Mederos’s sentence. Aguilera Mederos, a Cuban immigrant, was moving lumber in April […]

South Africa lifts curfew as it says COVID-19 fourth wave peaked

South Africa  lifted the nightly curfew at 4 a.m. The course of the pandemic,  vaccination rates in the country and available capacity in the health sector, according to a press release from Mondli Gungubele, Minister of the Presidency, South Africa is currently at the lowest of its five phases of alert.  “All indicators suggest that […]

Experts warn Omicron ‘blizzard’ to disrupt U.S. for next month

Health experts warned Americans on Thursday  that a rising tide of COVID19 cases, led by the Omicron variant, threatened major disruptions in their lives, from schools to shopping, and urged them to prepare now for a challenging month. The United States had a record seven-day average of new cases, with more than 290,000 new infections […]