The Download: AI privacy risks, and cleaning up shipping

The must-reads I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology. 1 Pakistan is reeling from its devastating floodingPoor policy making, mixed with a climate change-driven monsoon, has displaced millions of people and destroyed homes, food and livelihoods. (Vox) + These images highlight the extent of the destruction. (The Guardian)+ Residents are […]

What does GPT-3 “know” about me? 

That’s unsurprising—Mat’s been very online for a very long time, meaning he has a bigger online footprint than I do. It might also be because he is based in the US, and most large language models are very US-focused. The US does not have a federal data protection law. California, where Mat lives, does have […]

How ammonia could help clean up global shipping

The American Bureau of Shipping, which sets safety standards for global shipping, recently granted early-stage approval for some ammonia-powered ships and fueling infrastructure, including a design from Samsung Heavy Industries, one of the world’s largest shipbuilders. Such ships could hit the seas within the next few years, as several companies have promised deliveries in 2024. […]

The Download: EV havoc in China, and the first private Venus mission

Podcast: I Was There When: AI helped create a vaccine Only a select few people know what it’s like to be present during breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and computing. In the latest episode of our award-winning podcast, In Machines We Trust, we meet Dave Johnson, the chief data and artificial intelligence officer at Moderna, who […]

New 6G challenges inspire cross-disciplinary innovation

Bold research advances will underpin future connectivity Addressing these physical and technical limitations will require leaps of innovation, but the promise of applications powered by advanced 6G connectivity is motivating creative solutions. Adaptive technology solutions are a key area of research. Rather than focus on optimizing the bandwidth for a single device, for example, the […]

The first private mission to Venus will have just five minutes to hunt for life 

Although later studies questioned the detection of phosphine, the initial study reignited interest in Venus. In its wake, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) selected three new missions to travel to the planet and investigate, among other questions, whether its conditions could have supported life in the past. China and India, too, have plans […]

I Was There When: AI helped create a vaccine

And that whole process from end to end can be immensely expensive, cost billions of dollars and take, you know, up to a decade to do that. And in many cases, it still fails. You know, there’s countless diseases out there right now that have no vaccine for them, that have no treatment for them. […]

China’s heat wave is creating havoc for electric vehicle drivers

The record-breaking heat wave in China, which started back in June, has evaporated over half the hydroelectricity generation capacity in Sichuan, a southwestern province that usually gets 81% of its electricity from hydropower plants. That decreased energy supply, at a time when the need for cooling has increased demand, is putting industrial production and everyday […]

The Download: growing organs, and Facebook’s garbage content

In the coming weeks, a volunteer in Boston, Massachusetts, will be the first to trial a new treatment that could end up creating a second liver in their body. And that’s just the beginning—in the months that follow, other volunteers will test doses that could leave them with up to six livers in their bodies. […]

The most popular content on Facebook belongs in the garbage

But in trying to do so, it has demonstrated something else: the most popular content on Facebook is often awful, recycled generic memes.  It’s not necessarily surprising that reposting already popular memes gets views on Facebook, but “it’s imperative to monitor where the attention garnered by this content is directed” in order to catch attempts […]