The Download: brain implant removal, and Nvidia’s AI payoff

Leggett told researchers that she “became one” with her device. It helped her to control the unpredictable, violent seizures she routinely experienced, and allowed her to take charge of her own life. So she was devastated when, two years later, she was told she had to remove the implant because the company that made it […]

How it feels to have a life-changing brain implant removed

Burkhart’s device was implanted in his brain around nine years ago, a few years after he was left unable to move his limbs following a diving accident. He volunteered to trial the device, which enabled him to move his hand and fingers. But it had to be removed seven and a half years later. His […]

A brain implant changed her life. Then it was removed against her will.

“A patient should not have to undergo forcible explantation of a device,” says Nita Farahany, a legal scholar and ethicist at Duke University in North Carolina, who has written a book about neuro rights.  “If there is evidence that a brain-computer interface could become part of the self of the human being, then it seems […]

Innovation will fuel e-mobility adoption

Evolving consumer demands are also helping e-mobility gain mainstream traction. In fact, automotive consulting firm AutoPacific reports that consumer demand in the U.S. increased to 5.6% of total light vehicle sales in 2022. This number was 3.3% in 2021. One reason for this uptick is that consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transportation […]

Modernizing the automotive industry: Creating a seamless customer experience 

The automotive sector generates vast amounts of data; and the amount of this data will only continue to increase as autonomous and connected vehicles collect real-time data on customer habits and preferences. Turning this data into relevant insights depends on a company’s approach to innovation.    Compared to a phone application, a connected vehicle software malfunction […]

The Download: IBM’s quantum ambitions, and tasting lab-grown burgers

What’s happening: Last year, IBM took the record for the largest quantum computing system with a processor containing 433 quantum bits, or qubits, the fundamental building blocks of quantum information processing. Now, the company has set its sights on a much bigger target: a 100,000-qubit machine that it aims to build within 10 years. Why […]

Here’s what a lab-grown burger tastes like

We started with a plant-based burger from Impossible Foods. Founded in 2011, the company makes meat alternatives from plants. The special ingredient is heme protein, which is cranked out by genetically engineered microbes and sprinkled in for that meaty flavor. I took a small bite of the Impossible burger, and if you ask me, the […]

IBM wants to build a 100,000-qubit quantum computer

Quantum computing holds and processes information in a way that exploits the unique properties of fundamental particles: electrons, atoms, and small molecules can exist in multiple energy states at once, a phenomenon known as superposition, and the states of particles can become linked, or entangled, with one another. This means that information can be encoded […]

AI in cybersecurity: Yesterday’s promise, today’s reality

Together, the consumerization of AI and advancement of AI use-cases for security are creating the level of trust and efficacy needed for AI to start making a real-world impact in security operation centers (SOCs). Digging further into this evolution, let’s take a closer look at how AI-driven technologies are making their way into the hands […]

The Download: alternative aviation fuels, and drone-delivered bubble tea

June 2020 Venture capitalists sell themselves as the top of the heap in Silicon Valley. They are the talent spotters, the cowboys, the risk takers; they support people willing to buck the system and, they say, deserve to be richly rewarded and lightly taxed for doing so. This largely white, largely male corner of finance […]