The Download: AI disinformation, and lab-grown meat

The news: Disinformation generated by AI may be more convincing than disinformation written by humans, according to a new study. It found that people were 3% less likely to spot false tweets that had been generated by AI than real-life examples collected from Twitter. Why is that? The researchers aren’t exactly sure. But the way […]

Lab-grown meat just reached a major milestone. Here’s what comes next. 

That sounds like a lot, but in the grand scheme of food production, it’s pretty tiny. Large commercial meat facilities produce millions of pounds of meat each year—and that’s the sort of scale Upside is targeting for its first commercial facility, said Eric Schulze, VP of global scientific and regulatory affairs at Upside foods, in […]

Universal Data Intelligence: The Backbone for AI

About the speakers Bharti Patel, SVP, Head of Engineering, Hitachi Vantara Bharti Patel is SVP, Head of Engineering at Hitachi Vantara, heading the company’s cutting-edge data and infrastructure product offerings. She was previously CTO at Austin-based Alen where she led digital transformation and exponential growth for medical-grade HEPA air purification systems. Prior to that, she […]

Open finance heralds a new era

Inclusive financial services For many, access to financial services like credit is essential for autonomy and economic freedom. However, the credit system’s rigid categories and controls leave out some consumers. According to a TransUnion 2022 global study, 8.1 million people in the U.S. (3% of adults) are considered credit unserved, and another 37 million are […]

Humans may be more likely to believe disinformation generated by AI

That credibility gap, while small, is concerning given that the problem of AI-generated disinformation seems poised to grow significantly, says Giovanni Spitale, the researcher at the University of Zurich who led the study, which appeared in Science Advances today.  “The fact that AI-generated disinformation is not only cheaper and faster, but also more effective, gives […]

Empowering Asia’s citizens: The generative AI opportunity for government

So far, about 30,000 students a month are using the solution, which is designed to assist Taiwan in its goal to become bilingual in Chinese and English by 2030. “We want to help our students quickly enhance their English skills to compete with other countries,” says Howard Hao-Jan Chen, an English professor at National Taiwan […]

AI gains momentum in core financial services functions

“It’s a really tricky kind of model where you want to decline every possible fraudulent transaction, but at the same time, let the legitimate transactions pass through without any friction,” he says. “On an average day, we see over a billion transactions, and since data is what fuels AI, we were definitely one of the […]

The Download: introducing the Accessibility issue

When it comes to thinking about accessibility, so many of the dominant stories around technologies for disability, access, and mobility paint them as objects of empowerment or heroic, life-changing panaceas for social ill.  In reality, most of the bugginess and time-suckiness of new tech is never talked about. In the latest issue of MIT Technology […]

Shein’s charm offensive is off to a rocky start

Have you shopped on Shein? I have, a few times, and I’m not really proud of it. Apart from the universal sin of fast fashion—the overproduction and overconsumption of disposable clothes—Shein in particular has been accused of working with sweatshops, copying indie designs, and even sourcing cotton from government forced-labor programs in Xinjiang. Until recently, […]

Comics beyond sight

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