The Download: Potential new covid treatments, and the crypto crash

Covid-19 is far more likely to kill you if you’re old. One reason is that aged immune systems struggle to cope with infections and recover from them. So why not try drugs that make bodies young again? In a bid to treat the disease, scientists are now testing drugs that reverse the impacts of age […]

Anti-aging drugs are being tested as a way to treat covid

Mannick has been exploring the effects of rapamycin-like drugs in covid-19. Her trial has been taking place in nursing homes experiencing outbreaks of the disease. For four weeks, half the participants were given the drug, while the other half were given a placebo. Among those given a placebo, “25% of them developed severe covid, and […]

Crypto is weathering a bitter storm. Some still hold on for dear life.

Algorithmic stablecoins, however, are different. They are a DeFi experiment in a stablecoin that doesn’t peg itself to fiat money or hold collateral assets to stabilize its value. Instead, they are usually supported by a second token, in a push-me-pull-you math equation. Terra, for example, balances variations in the stablecoin’s value by increasing or decreasing […]

The pandemic-accelerated digitization of the automotive supply chain

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Read this conversation with Matthias Haberstroh, director of supply chain management at ZF Group, where he discusses the pandemic’s impact on the digitalization of the automotive supply chain and how it will define the future of the industry. Click here to […]

Enhancing agent experience with AI contact centers

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Contact centers hold significant value for businesses, but they often have to deal with a disengaged workforce and unsatisfied customers. New AI systems can help contact centers become future-ready with a smarter workforce, happier customers, and stronger finances. Click here to […]

Responsible adoption of AI in a cloud environment

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” The transformative potential of algorithmic systems, the reach of their effects, combined with the paucity of supervision, can bring certain reputational, financial, and ethical risks. Responsible AI is required to provide assurance to users and build continuous trust in AI-based systems. […]