Cyclone Gabrielle tests the resilience of our telecoms networks

The country’s central telecoms networks appear to have held up well to Cyclone Gabrielle’s onslaught, even if thousands of customers have lost connectivity due to power outages. An update this morning from Telecommunications Forum chief executive, Paul Brislen, noted that “networks are largely undamaged but there are outages due to a lack of power supply”. […]

Not another ChatGPT blog – this one has ideas you can use

I think it’s fair to say the race to own the user interactive AI space is heating up, free vs paid access to AI is poised to become the new frontier of Digital Equity and the role of these emerging technologies in education is vexing parents and educators alike. With this as a backdrop ITP […]

Griffin on Tech: The AI arms race heats up

If you thought the tech world may take a collective pause to consider the implications of ChatGPT, think again. This week alone we saw Microsoft demonstrate how the technology underpinning the generative AI tool from Open AI is being built into the Bing search engine and the Edge web browser. A day later, Google unveiled […]

ChatGPT is great – you’re just using it wrong

It doesn’t take much to get ChatGPT to make a factual mistake. My son is doing a report on U.S. presidents, so I figured I’d help him out by looking up a few biographies. I tried asking for a list of books about Abraham Lincoln and it did a pretty good job: A reasonable list […]

Griffin on Tech: Our new PM needs to get serious about tech skills

What a difference a month makes. We hit the beach, saw much of the North Island weather two epic and immensely damaging bouts of wild weather, and saw the abrupt resignation of a star politician. Many have written about the track record of Jacinda Ardern and there’s a common thread to the analysis – the […]

Safer Internet Day is coming to NZ on 7 Feb, show your support  

Netsafe is coordinating Safer Internet Day across New Zealand  to raise awareness that people’s online safety is as important as their physical safety.  The theme for the day – Every Space a Safe Space – is about reminding everyone that every space people enter, digital or physical, should be safe.  Organisations are being encouraged to […]

First deep-dive report on Māori-owned tech firms shows a world of potential

The first deep-dive examination of Māori-owned and operated tech companies reveals a thriving ecosystem of small and mid-sized businesses that will need a larger talent pipeline to grow. The Toi Hangarau report published by consulting firm Paua Interface and led by ITP Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland Branch committee member, Robyn Kamira, identified 72 companies with at […]

ChatGPT: AI can produce academic papers good enough for journals – just as some ban it

Some of the world’s biggest academic journal publishers have banned or curbed their authors from using the advanced chatbot, ChatGPT. Because the bot uses information from the internet to produce highly readable answers to questions, the publishers are worried that inaccurate or plagiarised work could enter the pages of academic literature. Several researchers have already […]