High interest in tech at school but low tertiary uptake – Datacom

Research from IT services company Datacom shows that 40% of New Zealanders have considered studying for a career in tech. But the high level of interest hasn’t equated to tertiary study, with just 5% of students enrolled in tertiary education in New Zealand specialising in information technology courses. That’s a barrier to efforts to grow […]

Coding summit to bring Python programmers to the deep south

Waihōpai, Invercargill will become a hub of coding conversation later in the year as the Kiwi PyCon, the national conference dedicated to the Python programming language takes place. The New Zealand Python User Group (NZPUG), which is organising Kiwi Pycon, says the conference will bring together developers, engineers, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, and Python enthusiasts from […]

Griffin on Tech: Becoming second-class social media citizens

Meta chose New Zealand and Australia to this week roll out its new verification system across Facebook and Instagram, following Twitter’s move to introduce paid-for verification. My initial reaction to Meta’s move was the same as when Elon musk announced verification as a premium add-on for Twitter: “You want to charge how much?” Meta Verified […]

Can AI meeting assistants take decent notes? 

Tools to provide meeting transcription aren’t a new concept but the SAAS market for tools that integrate with zoom, teams, google hangouts etc designed to capture a written transcript of your meeting has really exploded recently.  This blog is about transcription tools and doesn’t cover live caption at all.  Yesterday I facilitated a hui and […]

How to talk your way out of a cybersecurity crisis

If you suffer a serious data breach or cyberattack, how you communicate with key stakeholders who are affected can make or break your reputation. That’s why CERT NZ, the government’s Computer Emergency Response Taskforce, has published Public communications for cyber security incidents: A framework for organisations. It’s fair to say that the large cybersecurity incidents […]

2degrees bringing forward Starlink Business launch as interest in satellite surges

Telecoms provider 2Degrees is launching its Starlink Business satellite broadband offering early with interest in satellite skyrocketing as a result of the communications outages suffered during last week’s flood disaster. While Satlink receivers have been available from retailers such as Noel Leeming for months now, they are self-installed devices where users sign up for a […]

Reading you might have missed over the holiday break

Victoria MacLennan. 17 February 2023, 3:39 pm Tweet Over the Christmas / New Year break I book marked a collection of articles. While technology news is quieter over the December / January period things still happened – the Lastpass breach, CES and of course ChatGPT. Here’s a roundup of articles I found interesting and you […]

Griffin on Tech: Our telecoms network failed us when we needed it most

Amid the mounting chaos caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, our telecommunications network appeared to be holding up reasonably well. “Our networks are largely undamaged but there are outages due to a lack of power supply,” Paul Brislen of the Telecommunications Forum emailed journalists at 10.08 am on Tuesday morning. As he was writing that update, the […]

Tech salaries up 15 – 20%, cybersecurity, data, cloud skills in hot demand

With a major pipeline of tech projects and net migration still in negative territory, demand for tech and digital salaries remains strong, according to data from global recruitment company, Talent. Tech salaries and contract rates increased 15 – 20% globally on average, according to Talent, despite a slowing market and challenging macroeconomic conditions. Talent’s New […]