Griffin’s Gadgets: Tell me exactly how my biometrics are being used

Peter Griffin, Editor. 17 June 2022, 2:35 pm I recently met a man whose job is to buy the beer and wine sold at one of Wellington’s largest supermarkets. It’s a role with many obvious perks, but one big downside – accounting for the inventory lost to shoplifting, which amounts to hundreds of thousands of […]

Growing the industry: Retaining Staff

Victoria MacLennan. 16 June 2022, 11:35 pm The Hi Tech Awards held an alumni event this week, a day of informative panels, discussions and networking. One of the standout panels for me was “Keeping the corporate raiders at bay” focused on how to retain staff in these uniquely challenging times – in terms of talent […]

Uncompetitive: NZ is slipping on global benchmarks

Peter Griffin, Editor. 16 June 2022, 10:41 am New Zealand has suffered the biggest drop in rankings among 63 nations compared on measures of their competitiveness, including in technology, science and business productivity. The 2022 IMD World Competitiveness Ranking, sees Denmark take the lead for the first time with the top ten list dominated by […]

Have the leading AI companies become a victim of their own hype?

Peter Griffin, Editor. 14 June 2022, 10:17 am The media hype over a Google engineer’s belief that the company’s AI chatbot has become sentient has been widely slammed by AI experts. The transcripts of chat conversations engineer Blake Lemoine had with the LaMDA developed within Google have caused a media and social media sensation and […]

Welcome to your digital sidekick – AI-powered automation in the office

Peter Griffin, Editor. 09 June 2022, 2:03 pm We’ve heard a lot in recent years about using software to automate mundane and repetitive tasks – the wave of automation that is supposed to free up humans to do more fulfilling work. A whole field called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged to automatically process invoices, […]

How can eWaste be RAD?

Victoria MacLennan. 08 June 2022, 11:14 pm I went to the sustainability expo today, created by the Sustainability Trust and hosted at the Beehive Banquet Hall. I also learned after nearly 30 years in Wellington the Beehive is located in Museum Street (for those like me, that’s the shortcut driveway from Bowen through to Hill/Molesworth).  […]

Will you ever leave the lock screen? Apple’s iPhone interface revamp

Peter Griffin, Editor. 07 June 2022, 12:56 pm Smartphone maker Apple today announced a new MacBook Air and a buy now, pay later scheme for its US customers. But for many Apple fans, the biggest news relates to improved personalisation options for the iPhone’s lock screen that represent the most substantial changes so far to […]

Griffin on Tech: From talent crunch to tech layoffs – is your job safe?

Peter Griffin, Editor. 03 June 2022, 1:48 pm Tech companies in the US are laying off staff in large numbers for the first time in two years and imposing hiring freezes as the economic outlook deteriorates. That’s a radical departure from the narrative during the pandemic when a rapid wave of digitisation actually saw a […]