Griffin on Tech: Don’t hit pause on AI, regulate its use now

The Elon Musk-funded Future of Life Institute this week issued an open letter calling on artificial intelligence research labs to suspend work on their most advanced projects. Musk, who has described advances in AI as “summoning the demon” has tended to overestimate the pace of development of the field towards the artificial general intelligence (AGI) […]

Growing the Industry: Talking tech in schools

For those of us who live and breathe digital tech we know how wonderful this industry can be, how well it can pay, how creative, rewarding and mentally stimulating the mahi (work) can be. Sadly we are only a tiny percentage of the population and unless someone in your immediate whānau works in our space […]

Is this our most well-funded tech start-up?

So much for venture capital drying up as chill economic winds blow. Agritech start-up Halter has just raised $85 million in a series-C capital raising round. While Kiwi-founded tech companies like Rocket Lab and Lanzatech raised considerable capital for expansion through their recent Nasdaq listings, Halter’s injection of capital is probably the largest raise closed […]

Bard: First impressions of Google’s AI bot

Google’s ChatGPT rival Bard became available last week to users in the United States and the United Kingdom as the generative artificial intelligence race heats up. While Bard isn’t officially available in New Zealand yet, I registered to gain access to it and am able to do so while using a (VPN) virtual private network […]

The role of VR in the classroom, something we should be embracing or not? 

Leveraging technology in the classroom is pretty well documented and understood these days. The need for enhanced digital technology skills and capabilities to be taught to ensure our ākonga (learners) are developing the range of skills they require for their future jobs is also well understood. Here in Aotearoa NZ we have a digital technology curriculum […]

Griffin on Tech: Yet another eye-watering mega merger IT bill comes in

The bill to merge the IT systems of the country’s 16 polytechnics, which now operate as one education super-entity, Te Pūkenga, has been totted up – $285.9 million over four years. Te Pūkenga’s management outlined its IT spending needs as part of a request for additional funding totaling $422.6 million over four years, Pattrick Smellie […]

How not to build a national broadband network

Australia’s National Broadband Network is in trouble, shedding 500 staff to cut costs and with declining subscriber numbers as telcos tout rival 5G wireless broadband services. For years, the differences between the NBN and our own ultrafast broadband (UFB) have been stark, with the Australian effort to extend high-speed internet access to the bulk of […]

How green is our industry really?

I spent the day Wednesday at Massey University campus, an amazing day speaking with faculty and students, many stimulating discussions. They invited me to present on AI and ChatGPT and the opportunities these technologies will create in the near and longer term. After the Q&A, while we were enjoying a pizza lunch, a group of […]