Griffin on Tech: AI and copyright – Big Tech wants a free pass to mine data

For all their potential to spit out inaccurate information and even start hallucinating, the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard are pretty remarkable at stringing together coherent thoughts on nearly any topic you throw at them. But that’s because the companies behind them, OpenAI and Google respectively, have harvested vast amounts of information from the […]

NZ Government is consulting on Procurement

As co-Chair of NZRise I spent 7 years focused on advocacy to reform the New Zealand government procurement system – our quest was to create a level playing field and provide opportunities for New Zealand owned companies. My living and breathing of this topic extended to a joke that if I ever went on Mastermind […]

Voice search, different to text search 

I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the car this last week, driving between the hospital and home a round trip of roughly 130kms. With this I’ve also needed to rely on Siri more than usual, firing of voice instructions and search criteria.  We have an Apple HomePod in the kitchen at home which […]

Will AI ever reach human-level intelligence? We asked 5 experts

Artificial intelligence has changed form in recent years. What started in the public eye as a burgeoning field with promising (yet largely benign) applications, has snowballed into a more than US$100 billion industry where the heavy hitters – Microsoft, Google and OpenAI, to name a few – seem intent on out-competing one another. The result […]

Microsoft’s Vasu Jakkal: AI will transform cybersecurity – and tackle the cyber skills shortage

Cybersecurity is getting the generative AI treatment, with Microsoft’s new Security Copilot service incorporating the same artificial intelligence technology that has taken the world by storm. Security Copilot combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI with a security-specifc model Microsoft has created. It allows cybersecurity professionals to enter prompts to find out about the status of a […]

What is a Code of Ethics?

In today’s digital age, ethics play an increasingly critical role in the digital technology space. As technology advances, so do the opportunities for unethical behaviour. Unethical practices such as data breaches, cyberbullying, and spreading misinformation can harm individuals and society as a whole.  As an industry we design and develop software, hardware, and systems that […]

Griffin on Tech: Cybercrime treaties must not become tools of oppression

The international nature of cybercrime can make it very difficult to track down the perpetrators of devastating hacking attacks and misinformation campaigns that can damage democracy. Hackers are increasingly sophisticated, hiding their tracks with onion routers and clever masking techniques. Organisations like the Waikato District Healthboard and its patients had their data stolen in 2021 […]

Aussie regulator: We are struggling to keep up with Big Tech 

Australia’s competition watchdog is recommending an overhaul of merger laws across the Tasman as it cites the power of Big Tech and its digital economy business models as a threat to the traditional competitive landscape. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chair Gina Cass-Gottlieb told a National Press Club audience in Canberra yesterday that “technological […]