The big exit – nearly $2 billion reaped in one week from Kiwi tech acquisitions

The announcements came in quick succession on Friday – first that Christchurch-based geoscience software maker Seequent had been sold, then retailing application Vend too. The Seequent acquisition was by far the larger of the two, with the Nasdaq-listed engineering software company Bentley Systems paying $1.46 billion for the company. Vend’s purchaser was one of its […]

Toybox: Jabra Evolve2 headphones

Two things have got me through the latest lockdown and the work from home cycle. The first is my handmade “You’re Muted” sign (basically a bit of paper stuck to a lollypop stick) which I wave like a flag at various folk when they forget. Sometimes I don’t wave it and have a few moments […]