50 Coffees – an old concept worth exploring today

Do you love coffee catchups? Or maybe you hate them and want to overcome that aversion? want to expand your network? find your perfect job? Well there is an old system called 50 coffees that might be right for you.  It’s unclear who started the 50 coffees system / concept / challenge, the idea is […]

Tech Week 2023: Gearing up to make the most of our annual tech-fest

It’s almost that time of the year again when tech-themed events are held all over the country, with something of interest for IT professionals, entrepreneurs and members of the public alike. Tech Week is officially held from 13 – 20 May, with a focus on trends in technology and innovation, hands-on sessions where you can […]

Griffin on Tech: When IT goes postal and avoiding AI doing the same

Imagine being accused of theft, fired and having your career ruined because some misconfigured piece of software identified irregular financial activity in your division. That’s the nightmare scenario that unfolded at the UK Post Office, where 736 subpostmasters and postmistresses were prosecuted for theft, fraud, and false accounting in their branches, between 2000 and 2014. […]

Succession planning takes real effort

Who will our future leaders be? What are you actively doing to create your replacement? These are questions we should be asking ourselves no matter what level of “the ladder” we sit. Even if it’s not obvious who your successor might be everyone you work with has the potential so supporting their development is crucial.  […]

Generative AI: now one of the most in-demand tech skills globally

The explosion of interest in generative AI tools following the release of ChatGPT in November has seen a bump in interest in artificial intelligence skills across the board. That’s according to the online training platform Udemy, which reported a 4,419% increase in consumption of course information resources related to ChatGPT in the first quarter of […]

If ChatGPT wrote it, who owns the copyright? 

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools which draw on large language models (LLMs) are a hot topic. Released in November 2022 by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a chatbot – it generates text output refined through user prompts. What makes it special is just how sophisticated and impressive that output is. The stratospheric rise of generative AI […]

Griffin on Tech: AI and local casualties in the ‘year of efficiency’

Big Tech’s ‘year of efficiency’ employee cull seems to be working, with the share prices of Google, Microsoft, and Meta experiencing a bump in the wake of their latest quarterly earnings announcements. It’s sad that mass layoffs are the grounds for such shareholder optimism, though it is also true that these companies expanded too rapidly […]

Homegrown Code to tackle Online Safety now “The Worlds Code”

On July 25th 2022 Netsafe and NZTech launched a new initiative that commits a range of technology companies to addressing the risk of online harmful content in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Aotearoa New Zealand Code of Practice for Online Safety and Harms has been adopted by Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Google (YouTube), TikTok, Twitch, and […]

Rocket Lab’s STEM programme reaches 20,000 kids, expands to US

Nasdaq-listed Rocket Lab emerged in Aotearoa before we even had a space industry to speak of. But Rocket Lab is looking to build a pipeline of engineers and tech professionals for the future with its Space Ambassadors programme having now reached 20,000 New Zealand children, the company said this week. With a substantial US production […]

A rise in self-service technologies may cause a decline in our sense of community

Automation, once hidden behind closed doors in factories, is increasingly moving into public view. Customers can pay for groceries or clothing at a self-checkout machine, order fast food from a touchscreen kiosk or even pickup coffee from a “robo-café.” These technologies, which substitute human contact for robot-based interactions, are examples of self-service technologies — innovative […]