Brislen on Tech: The main trunk line

It’s been 25 years since I moved to Auckland and for the first year I commuted back and forth from Hamilton each week, via train. I love trains. They speak of adventure and mystery in ways that buses simply do not. Where buses are terrible for long distance use, combining all the negative aspects of […]

ITx Innovation Days – CFP and Sponsorship Opportunities

Have you heard? The ITx conference is coming to you this year, with ITx Innovation Day conferences all around New Zealand in July. Here’s a quick update: The CFP is now open – come and speak at your local ITx Innovation Day! More > Sponsorship options are now available too! Get in quick for the […]

Major software conferences stay virtual for another year

In a reminder that Covid-19 remains a grave threat to human health around the world, Microsoft, Google and Apple have all opted for a new round of virtual developer gatherings. The rise of the online-only tech fest has had its pros and cons. Conferences that I’ve tuned into over the past year have seemed anaemic, […]

Password apathy is costing Kiwis millions

A simple change to password behaviour could save New Zealanders millions of dollars says CERT NZ, the government agency which supports organisations and individuals affected by cyber security incidents. In 2020, Kiwis lost almost $17 million1 through cyber attacks. In some cases this financial loss was due to poor password practice, like weak passwords or reusing […]

Fair use defence prevails in Google-Oracle battle over computer code

Google has triumphed at the US Supreme Court in a long-running court case with rival Oracle the outcome of which has major implications for the software industry. The Supreme Court Justices voted 6-2 that Google did not infringe Oracle’s intellectual property when it used a fragment of Oracle’s computer code in developing its Android operating […]

Digital Skills Shortage Igniting a Catalyst for Positive Change

The current and ongoing digital skills shortage I’m experiencing as a GM of a small (but very aspirational) business is our biggest single challenge we are facing right here and right now. And I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that! Historically we have engaged new developers who are experienced campaigners. They are talented peeps […]

Brislen on Tech: Awards Season is upon us

Awards Season is upon us! Next week, nominations open for the 2021 New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards, the NZ Open Source Awards nominations opened yesterday, and the finalists for the NZ Hi-Tech Awards were announced at an event simul-cast in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch last night. After last year’s Hi-Tech and Excellence in IT Awards […]

Facebook gives option to ditch algorithmic ranking

Facebook is launching new tools to allow users better control over what they see in their newsfeeds as the company pushes back on claims it is a polarizing platform. Overnight, the social network operator, which has around 2.7 billion users globally, detailed significant changes that will roll out first to Android users, then iOS and […]

Tech giants get into submarine fibre market

Google and Facebook have both jumped in to the private fibre game with two trans-oceanic cables being announced within days of each other. Google already has three cables (Curie, which connects the West Coast of the US with central America and South America, Dunant, which runs from the US to France, and Equiano, which services Portugal down […]

Binge-able TV – just how much Netflix do Kiwis watch?

The pandemic has been good for streaming video services and Netflix in particular has reaped the rewards, passing the 200 million subscribers globally at the end of 2020. Its reach into hundreds of countries, where it can stream its own content instantly without limitations from third-party rights holders now sees 2.7 per cent of the […]