Te Reo Māori digital technology terms.

These are terms shared via the weekly pānui in alphabetical order by english term and updated every week. There are often multiple Te Reo Māori words for each of the technology terms. Algorithm = hātepe Calculate = tatau Computer = rorohiko Computer screen = mata rorohiko Computer software = pūmanawa rorohiko Computer virus = ngārara […]

Microsoft Build: Software giant continues its march towards AI-everything 

Microsoft continues to make the most of its multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI unveiling a suite of AI tools set to become key features of Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and its Bing search engine. Microsoft’s Build 2023 conference for software developers held this week was dominated by AI-related product annoucements. The key ones included: Satya […]

Griffin on Tech: Let’s take Sam Altman at his work and regulate AI

OpenAI’s co-founder Sam Altman appeared before the US Congress this week and cut a much more confident and empathetic figure than the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos in their own appearances in recent years. He left American politicians with a clear message – he’s worried about the impacts that generative AI based on […]

Vic’s take on budget 2023 – a nod towards digital tech

Peter has written a great summary of the science and technology things in the budget here, definitely worth elaborating on in some areas. But wait there was more, here is my take on the budget 2023. Equitable Digital Access $15.4M – good and bad “This initiative provides funding to continue free home internet access for […]

Budget 2023: No frills but money in the pot for science & tech 

Grant Robertson’s budget sought to relieve pressure resulting for the escalating costs of living but lived up to the pre-budget hints at forward-looking investments in science, tech and skills. “We know from looking at advanced economies like Germany, South Korea, Japan and Singapore that the best investments you can make in the future of your […]

When US$200,000+ is the median – insights into what listed US tech companies pay

Economic times are tough wherever you look and We’ve just seen over 100,000 workers shown the door at US tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Meta. But a review of median salaries offered at publicly listed tech companies shows the extent to which they continue to pay high salaries, particularly for software engineering expertise that […]

Jim Higgins – A tribute

Jim Higgins passed away on 11 May. His wisdom, insights and humour will be sorely missed by many who encountered him during his 50 years of service to the IT community.  His curiosity and infectious enthusiasm could never be supressed.  Jim’s achievements, as a creative leader in the embryonic New Zealand IT community are impressive […]

Griffin on Tech: Budget 2023 – Science, tech and skills in focus

Australia unveiled its federal budget last week and our own Budget 2023 released on Thursday will set the tone for the months leading up to the general election in September. It could be Labour’s last chance to match its rhetoric around innovation and the digital economy with some resources to make things happen. Since 2017, […]

It’s being called Russia’s most sophisticated cyber espionage tool. What is Snake, and why is it so dangerous?

Like most people I check my emails in the morning, wading through a combination of work requests, spam and news alerts peppering my inbox. But yesterday brought something different and deeply disturbing. I noticed an alert from the American Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) about some very devious malware that had infected a network […]