AI wrap Friday June 9th

A quick AI wrap this week as I am on holiday! So haven’t had the same time to read this week while trying to get everything done before heading off.  The fabulous Claire Amos wrote a post on assessment in the age of AI from her perspective as a High School principal. Thanks Claire for […]

Griffin on Tech: ChatGPT bans and the the rise of ‘FedGPT’

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment this week became the first government department to explicitly ban staff from using ChatGPT. MBIE cited data security and privacy risks as the reason for the blanket ban, but the Department of internal Affairs, home to the Government Chief Digital Officer, is allowing its staff to use ChatGPT […]

New course – Digital Technology Leadership Masterclass

Supercharge your career in the dynamic digital technology industry with our innovative Digital Technology Leadership Masterclass. Designed for aspiring and current leaders, this comprehensive course empowers you with the essential business skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to drive tangible results. As the industry continues to evolve, this masterclass will equip you with the tools to […]

AI no antidote to healthcare sector woes

With hospitals overwhelmed and patients facing big delays, it’s tempting to think that the health sector is a prime candidate to receive a much-needed productivity boost from artificial intelligence. Despite its well-proven use in medical diagnostics and other areas of healthcare, low trust in AI among patients and clinicians alike is a big barrier to […]

Don’t mention the metaverse – Apple finally debuts its mixed reality headset

Apple has debuted its long-anticipated mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, with the aim of creating a “fully three-dimensional user interface” but with an eye-watering price tag. The US$3,499 ($5,764) Vision Pro features a new headset operating system VisionOS that presents common Apple apps such as Safari, FaceTime and Apple TV+ overlaid on the […]

Griffin on Tech: The tide is (slowly) turning on R&D spending

When you look around the world, most advanced economies that we like to compare ourselves to spend at least 2.5% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on research and development. Israel and South Korea spend nearly 5% and both have flourishing tech sectors. There’s a sound reason for businesses and the government to spend billions […]

AI wrap-up – Friday June 2nd

There is so much AI news each week it was taking over our digital pānui so we decided to pull that content out into a seperate post each week.  There were three big news themes in the AI news this week – we’re all going to die, it’s creating demand for computer chips and we […]

Digital twin industry effort kicks off

An industry partnership aimed at advancing digital twin technology has launched mirroring efforts across the Tasman to explore how digital twins can be used. Digital twins are virtual representations of real-world objects, from buildings, hospital and electricity grids to complicated machinery and factories. They are seen as having huge scope to improve efficiency when it […]

Fighting foot & mouth disease: An algorithm could make all the difference

A team of University of Canterbury scientists have set out to develop algorithms to inform biosecurity efforts to tackle biological threats that could have devastating impacts on the environment – and the primary sector. Algorithms being developed by the Canterbury team will present possible outbreak scenarios, rather than just one that’s the “most statistically likely” […]