Griffin on Tech: The kids aren’t alright when it comes to tech ed

There’s been a lot of angst expressed in the last couple of years about our children’s declining performance in benchmarks of academic performance in areas like English, maths and science. We can add technology to the list, which is a concern given the pressing need to build up proficiency in technology at school to help […]

What’s the story with NZ Government Procurement?

Before joining ITP one of my roles was Co-Chair of NZRise, a grass roots group of New Zealand owned businesses who formed over 10 years ago out of frustration with Government Procurement. In the 7 years I was co-chair my spare time was consumed with trying to effect change, to level the playing field for […]

Ransom denied: Medibank hackers start releasing sensitive data

A nightmare scenario is currently playing out for Australian health insurer Medibank, which last month saw details of up to 9.7 million customers obtained by hackers. Yesterday the hackers started publishing data to the dark web after their demands for Medibank to pay a A$9.7 million ransom, $1 for every customer, were rejected. The most […]

Is the global decline in democracy linked to social media?

Here are two common ways of thinking about democracy in the online era. First, the internet is a liberation technology and will usher in an era of global democracy. Second, you can have social media or democracy, but not both. Which is more correct? There is no doubt democracy is in retreat around the globe. […]

Griffin on Tech: Going digital for the planet

Climate diplomats, scientists and activists have descended on Cairo for COP27, the annual climate conference which kicks off this weekend. The extreme weather events that have caused mayhem in many parts of the world will no doubt focus the discussion, which will centre around the need to limit climate change to 1.5°C of warming to […]

Is ageism alive in the Digital Technology sector?

“Listen to your elders. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience being wrong” unknown. Since joining ITP as CEO I have heard from a range of people on their ageism experiences. From casual ageism comments and labels like boomer used in the workplace, to active discriminatory policies of companies – […]

3 in 10 Kiwis scammed in online holiday shopping

Kiwis are being warned to be on heightened alert this holiday shopping season for scams and fraud attempts as they search for deals to tackle the high cost of living. A Harris Poll survey of 1,001 adult New Zealanders commissioned by antivirus software maker NortonLifeLock, has found that 77% are likely to take actions this […]

OpenSSL – the vulnerabilities and the fixes

Note: If you are running OpenSSL 3, you should update immediately. However, there is no need to panic – although serious vulnerabilities in their own right, the circumstances required to exploit them are unlikely to affect most people. That does not mean you shouldn’t patch your systems as soon as possible however! The OpenSSL Project […]

Insights Into Tertiary Engagement from Summer of Tech

Guest Post from Summer of Tech. 09 September 2022, 11:46 am The fabulous team at Summer of Tech recently shared insights on what students have been going through this year and what they are seeing coming down the pipeline for intern and graduate recruitment. They have kindly allowed us to repost their blog here. Disclaimer […]