With campus numbers plummeting due to online learning, do we need two categories of university degree?

As recent headlines have made clear, New Zealand universities are in an existential crisis for a variety of reasons, including a sharp drop in international student numbers and chronic underfunding. But there is another crisis lurking – the disappearance of students from our classrooms following the pandemic. This was happening already, but with the COVID-related […]

Hi-Tech Awards: Against the gloom, an upbeat industry looks to the future

In the modern splendour of Christchurch’s Te Pae Convention Centre, the tech sector came together to honour its most successful, impactful and inspiring companies and individuals on Friday. Against a background of fractious election campaigning, the crisis in our universities and the country sinking into recession, technically at least, the NZ Hi-Tech Awards struck a […]

Griffin on Tech: Gabrielle’s telecoms lessons and the limits of DIY innovation

When Cyclone Gabrielle tore through the North Island in February there was intense scrutiny of the telecoms providers as they scrambled to reconnect cell towers and fibre cables. Without communications, those in affected areas couldn’t contact emergency services, friends and family. Retailers in Gisborne couldn’t process Eftpos payments for much needed supplies. Confusion and disorganisation […]

AI wrap Friday 23 June

Do we need a national conversation on AI?  After returning from 10 days of holiday without reading much tech news at all I attended the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan Partnership Board meeting on Wednesday, a board I co-Chair, and one of the items on our agenda was AI. With significant industry leaders around the […]

Yes, AI could help us fix the productivity slump – but it can’t fix everything

Our nation is experiencing its lowest productivity growth in 60 years, according to the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia. And this downturn is reflected across most advanced economies worldwide [Ed: New Zealand’s productivity is notoriously low compared to the OECD average]. So it’s not surprising some see the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

DDoS attackers – hacktivists or state-backed actors?

CyberCX, a cybersecurity firm operating across New Zealand and Australia, has issued a security update about Anonymous Sudan, which is alleged to have been responsible for at least 24 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Australian organisations in the aviation, healthcare, and education sectors this year. Microsoft has blamed Anonymous Sudan on attacks that […]

AI wrap Friday June 16th

Thanks to everyone who shared the links in this post with me this week while I am on holiday, must say I have had less time reading than anticipated – more time swimming and sunbathing. This is also publishing a tad earlier due to timezones. Hope you enjoy this wrap of AI in the news, […]

New digital skills initiatives target Māori, Pasifika and the primary sector

Public cloud provider AWS has joined a handful of tech companies in offering digital access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) topics for low-decile intermediate schools. The Indigitech programme has already onboarded 5,700 students and 270 teachers from 33 low-decile schools across Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings, Mangakino, Northland, and Rotorua, according to AWS. Its launch this […]

AI the game changer, but who is allowed to play?

The year is 1996, I am in Year 10 (then called Form 5), and I try to convince my mother, a full-time supermarket worker on minimum wage, that I needed a home computer. She was afraid. She had heard that you could access objectionable materials easily; she was convinced it was just a toy used […]