Mac malware spreading for ~14 months is growing increasingly aggressive

reader comments 7 with 7 posters participating Share this story Mac malware known as UpdateAgent has been spreading for more than a year, and it is growing increasingly malevolent as its developers add new bells and whistles. The additions include the pushing of an aggressive second-stage adware payload that installs a persistent backdoor on infected […]

2FA app with 10,000 Google Play downloads loaded well-known banking trojan

Getty Images reader comments 44 with 33 posters participating Share this story A fake two-factor-authentication app that has been downloaded some 10,000 times from Google Play surreptitiously installed a known banking-fraud trojan that scoured infected phones for financial data and other personal information, security firm Pradeo said. 2FA Authenticator went live on Google Play two […]

Microsoft fends off record-breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS attack

Enlarge / Drowning in a sea of data. reader comments 14 with 14 posters participating Share this story As Internet attacks go, data floods designed to knock servers offline are among the crudest, akin to a brutish caveman wielding a club to clobber his rival. Over the years, those clubs have grown ever larger. New […]

macOS 12.3 will break cloud-storage features used by Dropbox and OneDrive

reader comments 11 with 10 posters participating Share this story If you’re using either Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive to sync files on a Mac, you’ll want to pay attention to the release notes for today’s macOS 12.3 beta: the update is deprecating a kernel extension used by both apps to download files on demand. The […]

Android malware can factory-reset phones after draining bank accounts

Getty Images reader comments 10 with 8 posters participating Share this story A banking-fraud trojan that has been targeting Android users for three years has been updated to create even more grief. Besides draining bank accounts, the trojan can now activate a kill switch that performs a factory reset and wipes infected devices clean. Brata […]

A bug lurking for 12 years gives attackers root on every major Linux distro

reader comments 18 with 17 posters participating Share this story Linux users on Tuesday got a major dose of bad news—a 12-year-old vulnerability in a system tool called Polkit gives attackers unfettered root privileges on machines running any major distribution of the open source operating system. Previously called PolicyKit, Polkit manages system-wide privileges in Unix-like […]

Booby-trapped sites delivered potent new backdoor trojan to macOS users

reader comments 24 with 19 posters participating Share this story Researchers have uncovered advanced, never-before-seen macOS malware that was installed using exploits that were almost impossible for most users to detect or stop once the users landed on a malicious website. The malware was a full-featured backdoor that was written from scratch, an indication that […]

Starlink preps rugged user terminal that may avoid “thermal shutdown” problem

Enlarge / The current Starlink user terminal. Images of the planned ruggedized terminal aren’t available yet. reader comments 26 with 16 posters participating Share this story SpaceX’s Starlink division is planning a new ruggedized satellite dish that can operate in hotter and colder temperatures. This is the second ruggedized Starlink dish the company has revealed—the […]