Security researcher successfully jailbreaks an Apple AirTag

reader comments 28 with 19 posters participating, including story author Share this story After permanently bricking two AirTags, stacksmashing succeeded in breaking into and reprogramming a third. stacksmashing used’s J-Link flash download utility to extract firmware from the AirTag’s nRF52 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC. Here’s the loot—AirTag firmware files extracted from their nRF52 SoC, […]

Hackers who shut down pipeline: We don’t want to cause “problems for society”

Enlarge / Problems with Colonial Pipeline’s distribution system tend to lead to gasoline runs and price increases across the US Southeast and Eastern seaboard. In this September 2016 photo, a man prepared to refuel his vehicle after a Colonial leak in Alabama. reader comments 108 with 59 posters participating, including story author Share this story […]

Apple brass discussed disclosing 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to

Getty Images reader comments 28 with 21 posters participating Share this story In September 2015, Apple managers had a dilemma on their hands: should, or should they not, notify 128 million iPhone users of what remains the worst mass iOS compromise on record? Ultimately, all evidence shows, they chose to keep quiet. The mass hack […]

Ajit Pai promised cheaper Internet—real prices rose 19 percent instead

Getty Images | MirageC reader comments 41 with 34 posters participating Share this story The average US home-Internet bill increased 19 percent during the first three years of the Trump administration, disproving former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s claim that deregulation lowered prices, according to a new report by advocacy group Free Press. For […]

US physics lab Fermilab exposes proprietary data for all to see

reader comments 26 with 21 posters participating Share this story Multiple unsecured entry points allowed researchers to access data belonging to Fermilab, a national particle physics and accelerator lab supported by the Department of Energy. This week, security researchers Robert Willis, John Jackson, and Jackson Henry of the Sakura Samurai ethical hacking group have shared details […]

Fix for critical Qualcomm chip flaw is making its way to Android devices

Getty Images reader comments 6 with 6 posters participating Share this story Makers of high-end Android devices are responding to the discovery of a Qualcomm chip flaw that researchers say could be exploited to partially backdoor about a third of the world’s smartphones. The vulnerability, discovered by researchers from security firm Check Point Research, resides […]

Severe vulnerabilities in Dell firmware update driver found and fixed

Enlarge / At least three companies have reported the dbutil_2_3.sys security problems to Dell over the past two years. reader comments 3 with 3 posters participating Share this story Yesterday, infosec research firm SentinelLabs revealed 12-year-old flaws in Dell’s firmware updater, DBUtil 2.3. The vulnerable firmware updater has been installed by default on hundreds of millions of […]

Twitter’s latest robo-nag will flag “harmful” language before you post

Enlarge / Before you tweet, you might be asked if you meant to be so rude. reader comments 18 with 13 posters participating, including story author Share this story Want to know exactly what Twitter’s fleet of text-combing, dictionary-parsing bots defines as “mean”? Starting any day now, you’ll have instant access to that data—at least, […]

Data leak makes Peloton’s Horrible, No-Good, Really Bad Day even worse

reader comments 25 with 21 posters participating, including story author Share this story Peloton is having a rough day. First, the company recalled two treadmill models following the death of a 6-year-old child who was pulled under one of the devices. Now comes word Peloton exposed sensitive user data, even after the company knew about […]

Starlink can serve 500,000 users easily, several million “more of a challenge”

Enlarge / Screenshot from the Starlink order page, with the street address blotted out. reader comments 77 with 50 posters participating Share this story SpaceX has received more than 500,000 orders for Starlink broadband service, the company said yesterday. “‘To date, over half a million people have placed an order or put down a deposit […]