Covert channel in Apple’s M1 is mostly harmless, but it sure is interesting

reader comments 4 with 4 posters participating Share this story Apple’s new M1 CPU has a flaw that creates a covert channel that two or more malicious apps—already installed—can use to transmit information to each other, a developer has found. The surreptitious communication can occur without using computer memory, sockets, files, or any other operating […]

SolarWinds hackers are back with a new mass campaign, Microsoft says

reader comments 3 with 3 posters participating Share this story The Kremlin-backed hackers who targeted SolarWinds customers in a supply chain attack have been caught conducting a malicious email campaign that delivered malware-laced links to 150 government agencies, research institutions and other organizations in the US and 23 other countries, Microsoft said. The hackers, belonging […]

Charter charges more money for slower Internet on streets with no competition

Enlarge / A Charter Spectrum service truck in McKinney, Texas, on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021. reader comments 17 with 17 posters participating Share this story It’s no surprise that cable companies charge lower prices for broadband when they face competition from fiber-to-the-home services. But an article yesterday by Stop the Cap provides a good example […]

No, it doesn’t just crash Safari. Apple has yet to fix exploitable flaw

reader comments 19 with 15 posters participating Share this story Apple has yet to patch a security bug found in iPhones and Macs despite the availability of a fix released almost three weeks ago, a researcher said. The vulnerability resides in WebKit, the browser engine that powers Safari and all browsers that run on iOS. […]

Amazon to buy MGM for $8 billion in major boost to Prime Video library

reader comments 107 with 72 posters participating Share this story Amazon today announced a definitive agreement to buy MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) for $8.45 billion. Amazon said that MGM’s filmmaking prowess “complements the work of Amazon Studios, which has primarily focused on producing TV show programming.” Buying MGM would let Amazon add plenty of movies to its […]

Vulnerability in VMware product has severity rating of 9.8 out of 10

reader comments 9 with 9 posters participating Share this story Data centers around the world have a new concern to contend with—a remote code vulnerability in a widely used VMware product. The security flaw, which VMware disclosed and patched on Tuesday, resides in the vCenter Server, a tool used for managing virtualization in large data […]

It’s ransomware, or maybe a disk wiper, and it’s striking targets in Israel

reader comments 22 with 16 posters participating Share this story Researchers say they’ve uncovered never-before-seen disk-wiping malware that’s disguising itself as ransomware as it unleashes destructive attacks on Israeli targets. Apostle, as researchers at security firm SentinelOne are calling the malware, was initially deployed in an attempt to wipe data but failed to do so, […]

Actively exploited macOS 0day let hackers take screenshots of infected Macs

reader comments 1 with 1 posters participating Share this story Malicious hackers have been exploiting a vulnerability in fully updated versions of macOS that allowed them to take screenshots on infected Macs without having to get permission from victims first. The zeroday was exploited by XCSSET, a piece of malware discovered by security firm Trend […]

Hear ye, DarkSide! This honorable ransomware court is now in session

reader comments 35 with 28 posters participating Share this story A crime forum is holding a quasi-judicial proceeding against the makers of DarkSide, the ransomware that shut down Colonial Pipeline two weeks ago, to hear claims from former affiliates who say the makers skipped town without paying. Or at least that’s what members of crime […]

Vulnerabilities in billions of Wi-Fi devices let hackers bypass firewalls

Mathy Vanhoef reader comments 39 with 27 posters participating Share this story One of the things that makes Wi-Fi work is its ability to break big chunks of data into smaller chunks, and vice versa, depending on the needs of the network at a given moment. These mundane network plumbing features, it turns out, have […]