John McAfee found dead by apparent suicide in Spanish prison cell

Enlarge / John McAfee on his yacht off the coast of Cuba in 2019. Adalberto ROQUE / AFP / Getty reader comments 117 with 85 posters participating Share this story John McAfee—the antivirus tycoon whose eccentric and often illegal antics on yachts and in tropical rain forests came to define him in later years—took his […]

Altice is reducing cable-Internet upload speeds by up to 86% next month

reader comments 77 with 66 posters participating Share this story Altice is slashing its cable-Internet upload speeds by up to 86 percent starting on July 12. Altice Optimum Online plans that currently have advertised upload speeds of 35Mbps will be reduced to uploads of either 5Mbps, 10Mbps, or 20Mbps, depending on the plan. Altice did […]

Counterfeit PyPI packages with 5,000 downloads installed cryptominers

Getty Images reader comments 2 with 2 posters participating Share this story Counterfeit packages downloaded roughly 5,000 times from the official Python repository contained secret code that installed cryptomining software on infected machines, a security researcher has found. The malicious packages, which were available on the PyPI repository, in many cases used names that mimicked […]

A week after arrests, Cl0p ransomware group dumps new tranche of stolen data

reader comments 12 with 12 posters participating Share this story A week after Ukrainian police arrested criminals affiliated with the notorious Cl0p ransomware gang, Cl0p has published a fresh batch of what’s purported to be confidential data stolen in a hack of a previously unknown victim. Ars won’t be identifying the possibly victimized company until […]

Monero emerges as crypto of choice for cybercriminals

53 Studios | Getty Images reader comments 40 with 32 posters participating Share this story For cybercriminals looking to launder illicit gains, bitcoin has long been the payment method of choice. But another cryptocurrency is coming to the fore, promising to help make dirty money disappear without a trace. While bitcoin leaves a visible trail […]

Connecting to malicious Wi-Fi networks can mess with your iPhone

reader comments 32 with 24 posters participating Share this story There’s a bug in iOS that disables Wi-Fi connectivity when devices join a network that uses a booby-trapped name, a researcher disclosed over the weekend. By connecting to a Wi-Fi network that uses the SSID “%p%s%s%s%s%n” (quotation marks not included), iPhones and iPads lose the […]

Ukraine arrests ransomware gang in global cybercriminal crackdown

Enlarge / A Colonial Pipeline facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Hackers last month disrupted the pipeline supplying petroleum to much of the East Coast. reader comments 2 with 2 posters participating Share this story Ukrainian police have arrested members of a notorious ransomware gang that recently targeted American universities, as pressure mounts on global law […]

Newly discovered Vigilante malware outs software pirates and blocks them

reader comments 42 with 34 posters participating Share this story A researcher has uncovered one of the more unusual finds in the annals of malware: booby-trapped files that rat out downloaders and try to prevent unauthorized downloading in the future. The files are available on sites frequented by software pirates. Vigilante, as SophosLabs Principal Researcher […]

Starlink dish overheats in Arizona sun, knocking user offline for 7 hours

Enlarge / Starlink satellite dish and equipment in the Idaho panhandle’s Coeur d’Alene National Forest. reader comments 23 with 22 posters participating Share this story A Starlink beta user in Arizona said he lost Internet service for over seven hours yesterday when the satellite dish overheated, demonstrating one of the drawbacks of SpaceX’s broadband service. When […]

CD Project Red does an about-face, says ransomware crooks are leaking data

reader comments 3 with 3 posters participating Share this story CD Projekt Red, the maker of The Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077, and other popular games, said on Friday that proprietary data taken in a ransomware attack disclosed four months ago is likely circulating online. “Today, we have learned new information regarding the breach and now […]