A mysterious satellite hack has victims far beyond Ukraine

bjdlzx | Getty Images reader comments 37 with 22 posters participating Share this story More than 22,000 miles above Earth, the KA-SAT is locked in orbit. Traveling at 7,000 miles per hour, in sync with the planet’s rotation, the satellite beams high-speed Internet down to people across Europe. Since 2011, it has helped homeowners, businesses, […]

Starlink hikes prices to $599 up-front and $110 per month, blames inflation

Enlarge / The new version of Dishy McFlatface. reader comments 80 with 61 posters participating Share this story Starlink has raised its prices for equipment and monthly service, blaming inflation for the increases in an email to customers. The up-front hardware cost was raised from $499 to $599 (a 20 percent increase), and the monthly […]

First Microsoft, then Okta: New ransomware gang posts data from both

reader comments 17 with 13 posters participating Share this story A relatively new entrant to the ransomware scene has made two startling claims in recent days by posting images that appear to show proprietary data the group says it stole from Microsoft and Okta, a single sign-on provider with 15,000 customers. The Lapsus$ group, which […]

White House warns of possible Russian cyberstrike on US critical infrastructure

Enlarge / US Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology Anne Neuberger speaking during a March 21 White House daily press briefing. reader comments 49 with 29 posters participating, including story author Share this story The Biden administration on Monday warned that it believes Russian state hackers may step up a cyber offensive […]

Behold, a password phishing site that can trick even savvy users

Getty Images reader comments 49 with 39 posters participating, including story author Share this story When we teach people how to avoid falling victim to phishing sites, we usually advise closely inspecting the address bar to make sure it does contain HTTPS and that it doesn’t contain suspicious domains such as google.evildomain.com or substitute letters such […]

A big bet to kill the password for good

Elena Lacey reader comments 23 with 19 posters participating Share this story After years of tantalizing hints that a passwordless future is just around the corner, you’re probably still not feeling any closer to that digital unshackling. Ten years into working on the issue, though, the FIDO Alliance, an industry association that specifically works on […]

Leaked ransomware documents show Conti helping Putin from the shadows

Wired | Getty Images reader comments 2 with 2 posters participating Share this story For years, Russia’s cybercrime groups have acted with relative impunity. The Kremlin and local law enforcement have largely turned a blind eye to disruptive ransomware attacks as long as they didn’t target Russian companies. Despite direct pressure on Vladimir Putin to […]

Trickbot is using MikroTik routers to ply its trade. Now we know why

Getty Images reader comments 14 with 10 posters participating Share this story For years, malicious hackers have been hacking large fleets of MikroTik routers and conscripting them into Trickbot, one of the Internet’s most destructive botnets. Now, Microsoft has finally figured out why and how the devices are being put to use. Trickbot came to […]

Netflix fights password-sharing with test of $3 “Extra Member” fee

Getty Images | cyano66 reader comments 61 with 51 posters participating Share this story Netflix will soon charge an extra fee for sharing accounts with people in other households in the company’s latest attempt to reduce the password-sharing that has been common among Netflix users for years. The fee will roll out in Chile, Costa […]