Microsoft discovers critical SolarWinds zero-day under active attack

reader comments 17 with 15 posters participating Share this story SolarWinds, the company at the center of a supply chain attack that compromised nine US agencies and 100 private companies, is scrambling to contain a new security threat: a critical zero-day vulnerability in its Serv-U product line. Microsoft discovered the exploits and privately reported them […]

Feds indict “The Bull” for allegedly selling insider stock info on the dark web

Getty Images reader comments 9 with 6 posters participating Share this story Federal prosecutors and attorneys on Friday charged a man with securities fraud for allegedly selling insider stock information on the dark web site AlphaBay. The defendant also sold information through multiple criminal marketplaces and through an encrypted messaging platform. In an indictment filed […]

Morgan Stanley discloses data breach that resulted from Accellion FTA hacks

reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story Morgan Stanley suffered a data breach that exposed sensitive customer data, and it became the latest known casualty of hackers exploiting a series of now-patched vulnerabilities in Accellion FTA, a widely used third-party file-transfer service. The data obtained included names, addresses dates of birth, social […]

Microsoft’s emergency patch fails to fix critical “PrintNightmare” vulnerability

reader comments 14 with 13 posters participating Share this story An emergency patch Microsoft issued on Tuesday fails to fully fix a critical security vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that allows attackers to take control of infected systems and run code of their choice, researchers said. The threat, colloquially known as PrintNightmare, stems […]

Why the password isn’t dead quite yet

Not exactly a 25-character, randomized string of numbers, letters, cases, and symbols. Dan Goodin reader comments 84 with 53 posters participating Share this story There are certain sci-fi promises the future is supposed to hold: jetpacks, flying cars, a Mars colony. But there are also some seemingly more attainable goals that somehow also always feel […]

Up to 1,500 businesses infected in one of the worst ransomware attacks ever

reader comments 57 with 40 posters participating Share this story As many as 1,500 businesses around the world have been infected by highly destructive malware that first struck software maker Kaseya. In one of the worst ransom attacks ever, the malware, in turn, used that access to fell Kaseya’s customers. The attack struck on Friday […]

The rumor is true: Rimac is taking over Bugatti with Porsche’s help

Enlarge / The Bugatti Chiron will be joined by new electrified models. reader comments 36 with 25 posters participating Share this story For almost a year, a rumor has been circulating that Volkswagen Group plans to offload Bugatti to Croatian electric vehicle specialists Rimac. That rumor turns out to be true: on Monday Porsche and […]

Old school: I work in DOS for an entire day

Sean Gallagher reader comments 10 with 10 posters participating Share this story Update, July 5, 2021: It’s the July 4 holiday weekend in the US, which means Ars staff gets a well-deserved holiday to catch up on this summer’s Steam sale (or maybe just to rest). As such, we’re resurfacing a few classics from the […]

Wimbledon: The tech behind the world’s top tennis tournament

reader comments 6 with 6 posters participating Share this story Sebastian Anthony The second room. This one deals more with uploading content to the Web, security, load balancing, etc. Sebastian Anthony IBM’s presence at Wimbledon is entirely transient—they turn up, run things for a couple of weeks, then disappear. As such, the “servers” are all […]

Apps with 5.8 million Google Play downloads stole users’ Facebook passwords

Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images reader comments 32 with 27 posters participating Share this story Google has given the boot to nine Android apps downloaded more than 5.8 million times from the company’s Play marketplace after researchers said these apps used a sneaky way to steal users’ Facebook login credentials. In a bid to win […]