0-days sold by Austrian firm used to hack Windows users, Microsoft says

reader comments 9 with 8 posters participating Share this story Microsoft said on Wednesday that an Austria-based company named DSIRF used multiple Windows and Adobe Reader zero-days to hack organizations located in Europe and Central America. Multiple news outlets have published articles like this one, which cited marketing materials and other evidence linking DSIRF to […]

Newly found Lightning Framework offers a plethora of Linux hacking capabilities

reader comments 2 with 2 posters participating Share this story The software framework has become essential to developing almost all complex software these days. The Django Web framework, for instance, bundles all the libraries, image files, and other components needed to quickly build and deploy web apps, making it a mainstay at companies like Google, […]

How big is the risk that someone will hack an EV charging network?

Enlarge / There are many good reasons why an EV charger should be networked, but it does come with vulnerabilities. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 34 with 28 posters participating Share this story The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as passed by Congress last November, authorizes $7.5 billion to help meet US President […]

Discovery of new UEFI rootkit exposes an ugly truth: The attacks are invisible to us

Getty Images reader comments 86 with 63 posters participating Share this story Researchers have unpacked a major cybersecurity find—a malicious UEFI-based rootkit used in the wild since 2016 to ensure computers remained infected even if an operating system is reinstalled or a hard drive is completely replaced. The firmware compromises the UEFI, the low-level and highly […]

Russia is quietly ramping up its Internet censorship machine

reader comments 34 with 24 posters participating Share this story Since 2019, Vladimir Putin has supercharged his plan to separate Russia from the global Internet. The country’s sovereign Internet law, which came into force that November, gives officials the power to block access to websites for millions of Russians. The law was used to hit […]

Global shortage of fiber optic cable threatens digital growth

Getty Images reader comments 18 with 15 posters participating Share this story A worldwide shortage of fiber-optic cable has driven up prices and lengthened lead times, endangering companies’ ambitious plans to roll out state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure. Europe, India, and China are among the regions most affected by the crunch, with prices for fiber rising by […]

Hardcoded password in Confluence app has been leaked on Twitter

Getty Images reader comments 16 with 11 posters participating Share this story What’s worse than a widely used Internet-connected enterprise app with a hardcoded password? Try said enterprise app after the hardcoded password has been leaked to the world. Atlassian on Wednesday revealed three critical product vulnerabilities, including CVE-2022-26138 stemming from a hardcoded password in […]

Zero-day used to infect Chrome users could pose threat to Edge and Safari users, too

reader comments 15 with 13 posters participating Share this story A secretive seller of cyberattack software recently exploited a previously unknown Chrome vulnerability and two other zero-days in campaigns that covertly infected journalists and other targets with sophisticated spyware, security researchers said. CVE-2022-2294, as the vulnerability is tracked, stems from memory corruption flaws in Web […]

Pro-Russia hack campaigns are running rampant in Ukraine

Getty Images reader comments 11 with 10 posters participating Share this story Pro-Russian threat actors are continuing their unrelenting pursuit of Ukrainian targets, with an array of campaigns that include fake Android apps, hack attacks exploiting critical vulnerabilities, and email phishing attacks that attempt to harvest login credentials, researchers from Google said. One of the […]

Netflix loses 970,000 subscribers, says ads and new fees are key to recovery

reader comments 99 with 63 posters participating Share this story Netflix yesterday reported a loss of 970,000 paid streaming subscribers in its Q2 earnings after having lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022. The company’s worldwide paid memberships decreased from 221.64 million to 220.67 million in Q2, and revenue growth has slowed dramatically. It’s […]