New Linux malware combines unusual stealth with a full suite of capabilities

reader comments 10 with 9 posters participating Share this story Researchers this week unveiled a new strain of Linux malware that’s notable for its stealth and sophistication in infecting both traditional servers and smaller Internet-of-things devices. Dubbed Shikitega by the AT&T Alien Labs researchers who discovered it, the malware is delivered through a multistage infection […]

Nvidia’s flagship AI chip reportedly 4.5x faster than the previous champ

Enlarge / A press photo of the Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPU. reader comments 17 with 15 posters participating Share this story Nvidia announced yesterday that its upcoming H100 “Hopper” Tensor Core GPU set new performance records during its debut in the industry-standard MLPerf benchmarks, delivering results up to 4.5 times faster than the A100, […]

Runway teases AI-powered text-to-video editing using written prompts

Enlarge / A still from Runway’s “Text to Video” teaser promo suggesting image-generation capabilities. reader comments 23 with 21 posters participating Share this story In a tweet posted this morning, artificial intelligence company Runway teased a new feature of its AI-powered web-based video editor that can edit video from written descriptions, often called “prompts.” A […]

Feds claw back $30 million of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean hackers

Getty Images reader comments 23 with 20 posters participating Share this story Cryptocurrency analytics firm Chainalysis said on Thursday that it helped the US government seize $30 million worth of digital coins that North Korean-backed hackers stole earlier this year from the developer of the non-fungible token-based game Axie Infinite. When accounting for the more […]

With Koe Recast, you can change your voice as easily as your clothing

Enlarge / A colorful waveform dramatically swirls through latent space, seeking kawaii. reader comments 55 with 41 posters participating, including story author Share this story Thanks to a web demo of a new AI tool called Koe Recast, you can transform up to 20 seconds of your voice into different styles, including an anime character, […]

Ukraine is under attack by hacking tools repurposed from Conti cybercrime group

Getty Images reader comments 9 with 8 posters participating Share this story Financially motivated hackers with ties to a notorious Conti cybercrime group are repurposing their resources for use against targets in Ukraine, indicating that the threat actor’s activities closely align with the Kremlin’s invasion of its neighboring country, a Google researcher reported on Wednesday. […]

New wave of data-destroying ransomware attacks hits QNAP NAS devices

reader comments 7 with 7 posters participating Share this story Network hardware-maker QNAP is urging customers to update their network-attached storage devices immediately to protect them from a new wave of ongoing ransomware attacks that can destroy terabytes of data in a single stroke. Singapore-based QNAP said recently that it has identified a new campaign […]

Chrome patches high-severity 0-day, its 6th this year

Getty Images | NurPhoto reader comments 11 with 11 posters participating Share this story Google engineers have issued an emergency update for the Chrome browser to fix a high-severity vulnerability that can be exploited with code that’s already available in the wild. The vulnerability, which Google disclosed on Friday, is the result of “insufficient data […]

With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again

Enlarge / Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a cowboy? Stable Diffusion does. Benj Edwards / Stable Diffusion reader comments 137 with 90 posters participating, including story author Share this story AI image generation is here in a big way. A newly released open source image synthesis model called Stable Diffusion allows anyone with […]

Actors behind PyPI supply chain attack have been active since late 2021

reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story The official software repository for the Python language, Python Package Index (PyPI), has been targeted in a complex supply chain attack that appears to have successfully poisoned at least two legitimate projects with credential-stealing malware, researchers said on Thursday. PyPI officials said last week that […]