Op-ed: Why the great #TwitterMigration didn’t quite pan out

Enlarge / Let’s look deep within. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 170 with I’ve been using fediverse stuff (Mastodon and, most recently, Calckey—I’m just going to use “Mastodon” as shorthand here; purists can bite me) for over a year now and have been doing so full time for about six months, following Elon […]

Brave aims to curb practice of websites that port scan visitors

reader comments 22 with The Brave browser will take action against websites that snoop on visitors by scanning their open Internet ports or accessing other network resources that can expose personal information. Starting in version 1.54, Brave will automatically block website port scanning, a practice that a surprisingly large number of sites were found engaging […]

Fears grow of deepfake ID scams following Progress hack

Enlarge / The number of deepfakes used in scams in just the first three months of 2023 outstripped all of 2022. FT Montage/Getty Images reader comments 11 with When Progress Corp, the Massachusetts-based maker of business software, revealed its file transfer system had been compromised this month, the issue quickly gathered global significance. A Russian-speaking […]

Casualties keep growing in this month’s mass exploitation of MOVEit 0-day

reader comments 16 with The dramatic fallout continues in the mass exploitation of a critical vulnerability in a widely used file-transfer program, with at least three new victims coming to light in the past few days. They include the New York City Department of Education and energy companies Schneider Electric and Siemens Electric. To date, […]

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange infected with previously unseen Mac malware

Getty Images reader comments 13 with Researchers have discovered previously unknown Mac malware infecting a cryptocurrency exchange. It contains a full suite of capabilities, including the ability to steal private data and download and execute new malicious files. Dubbed JokerSpy, the malware is written in the Python programming language and makes use of an open-source […]

“Stunning”—Midjourney update wows AI artists with camera-like feature

Enlarge / Midjourney 5.2 allows “zooming out” on synthesized images. The original synthetic image is shown in the red dotted box here. Midjourney reader comments 23 with On Thursday, Midjourney unveiled version 5.2 of its AI-powered image synthesis model, which includes a new “zoom out” feature that allows maintaining a central synthesized image while automatically […]

AI-generated Secret Invasion intro angers Marvel artists and fans alike

Enlarge / A still image taken from the AI-generated Secret Invasion TV show intro on Disney+. reader comments 87 with On Wednesday, Marvel’s latest comic book TV show, Secret Invasion, premiered on Disney+ to controversy: It features AI-generated motion graphics during its title sequence, and some fans and creators aren’t happy about it. “For Marvel, […]

Camera review site DPReview finds a buyer, avoids shutdown by Amazon

reader comments 25 with Back in March, the editor-in-chief of the 25-year-old, Amazon-owned camera review site DPReview.com announced that the site would be closing in April. The site was the casualty of a round of layoffs at Amazon that will affect a total of about 27,000 employees this year; DPReview was meant to stop publishing […]

Purely AI-generated songs declared ineligible for Grammy Awards

Getty Images reader comments 22 with Amid increasing use of generative AI in music, the Recording Academy has updated its rules for the 66th annual Grammy Awards regarding the role of AI in considered works, Reuters reports. To be eligible for an award, a song must have meaningful human authorship. Purely algorithmically generated music cannot […]

The US Navy, NATO, and NASA are using a shady Chinese company’s encryption chips

reader comments 22 with From TikTok to Huawei routers to DJI drones, rising tensions between China and the US have made Americans—and the US government—increasingly wary of Chinese-owned technologies. But thanks to the complexity of the hardware supply chain, encryption chips sold by the subsidiary of a company specifically flagged in warnings from the US […]