Ransomware crooks are exploiting IBM file exchange bug with a 9.8 severity

reader comments 5 with Share this story Threat actors are exploiting a critical vulnerability in an IBM file-exchange application in hacks that install ransomware on servers, security researchers have warned. The IBM Aspera Faspex is a centralized file-exchange application that large organizations use to transfer large files or large volumes of files at very high […]

Generative AI set to affect 300 million jobs across major economies

reader comments 113 with Share this story The latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence could lead to the automation of a quarter of the work done in the US and eurozone, according to research by Goldman Sachs. The investment bank said on Monday that “generative” AI systems such as ChatGPT, which can create content that is […]

Immaculate AI images of Pope Francis trick the masses

Enlarge / An AI-generated photo of Pope Francis wearing a puffy white coat that went viral on social media. reader comments 65 with Share this story Over the weekend, an AI-generated image of Pope Francis wearing a puffy white coat went viral on Twitter, and apparently many people believed it was a real image. Since […]

Biden’s executive order limits government’s use of commercial spyware

Getty Images reader comments 20 with Share this story President Joe Biden on Monday signed an executive order barring many uses by the federal government of commercial spyware, which has been increasingly used by other countries in recent years to surveil dissidents, journalists, and politicians. The signing of the executive order came as administration officials […]

Retro Chatbot: ChatGPT comes to MS-DOS with new AI client

Enlarge / A photo of an IBM PC 5155 portable computer running a ChatGPT client written by Yeo Kheng Meng. reader comments 6 with Share this story On Sunday, Singapore-based retrocomputing enthusiast Yeo Kheng Meng released a ChatGPT client for MS-DOS that can run on a 4.77 MHz IBM PC from 1981, providing a unique […]

Twitter source code was leaked on GitHub shortly after Musk’s layoff spree

Getty Images | Future Publishing reader comments 112 with Share this story Portions of Twitter’s source code recently appeared on GitHub, and Twitter is trying to force GitHub to identify the user or users who posted the code. GitHub disabled the repository on Friday shortly after Twitter filed a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown […]

Android app from China executed 0-day exploit on millions of devices

Getty Images reader comments 11 with Share this story Android apps digitally signed by China’s third-biggest e-commerce company exploited a zero-day vulnerability that allowed them to surreptitiously take control of millions of end-user devices to steal personal data and install malicious apps, researchers from security firm Lookout have confirmed. The malicious versions of the Pinduoduo […]

Huge collection of vintage Apple computers goes to auction next week

Enlarge / I mostly recognize this early laptop from its resemblance to a similar-looking computer in the film 2010. It’s up for auction along with hundreds of other old Apple computers. Julien’s Auctions reader comments 22 with Share this story If you’ve been thinking your home or workspace is perhaps deficient when it comes to […]