Fearing leaks, Apple restricts its employees from using ChatGPT and AI tools

Enlarge / An AI-generated cartoon depiction of a chatbot being crossed out. Benj Edwards / Stable Diffusion reader comments 21 with According to internal sources and company documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Apple has restricted its employees’ use of ChatGPT and AI coding tools such as GitHub Copilot for fear of leaking confidential […]

The Download: preserving digital lives, and more sensitive prostheses

Earlier this week, Google announced its intention to start deleting personal accounts that haven’t been active in over two years in December. Photos, emails, and docs attached to inactive accounts will all be eradicated. The announcement follows a similar one from Twitter last week, pledging to purge accounts that have been inactive for several years. […]

Your digital life isn’t as permanent as you think it is

It’s a lot to ask of tech companies to host all of our data indefinitely, says Caplan. Although data storage costs per unit have decreased by around 90% in the past decade, we require more and more of those units each day as the amount of data increases exponentially. Other considerations include the environmental cost […]

I just met the founders of a would-be longevity state

My journey to Zuzalu wasn’t straightforward. My 3 a.m. train to the airport was canceled, and my flight was delayed. The weather was too bad to land the plane in Montenegro, so we were diverted to neighboring Croatia. It took a taxi, a boat, and a golf buggy to get to my apartment in this […]

Griffin on Tech: Let’s take Sam Altman at his work and regulate AI

OpenAI’s co-founder Sam Altman appeared before the US Congress this week and cut a much more confident and empathetic figure than the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos in their own appearances in recent years. He left American politicians with a clear message – he’s worried about the impacts that generative AI based on […]

Potentially millions of Android TVs and phones come with malware preinstalled

Enlarge / Cybercriminals or anonymous hackers use malware on mobile phones to hack personal and business passwords online. Getty Images reader comments 33 with Overall, Android devices have earned a decidedly mixed reputation for security. While the OS itself and Google’s Pixels have stood up over the years against software exploits, the never-ending flow of […]

CEO: Raspberry Pi is “where we said we’d be” for 2023, recovery to follow

Enlarge / It’s hard to recover from a shortage, especially when buyers take on stockpiling habits, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton said in a recent interview. But the British company is on track to return some stock to individual buyers. Raspberry Pi reader comments 22 with Having to make the pandemic-pressure choice to either disappoint […]

A soft e-skin mimics the way human skin can sense things

It was created by a team of researchers from Stanford University, who implanted soft e-skin electrodes in the brains of rats and recorded electrical signals from the animals’ motor cortex, the region of the brain responsible for carrying out voluntary movements. The animals twitched their legs in response to different levels of pressure recorded by […]

AI in your pocket: ChatGPT officially comes to iPhone with new app

Enlarge / Screenshots of the ChatGPT iPhone app provided by OpenAI. reader comments 32 with On Thursday, OpenAI released a free ChatGPT app for iPhone in the US that includes voice input support through its Whisper AI speech recognition model; it can also synchronize chat history with the web version of the AI assistant. The […]