Apple sales bounce back in China as Huawei loses smartphone crown

Huawei’s smartphone rivals in China are quickly divvying up the market share it has lost over the past year. 92.4 million units of smartphones were shipped in China during the first quarter, with Vivo claiming the crown with a 23% share and its sister company Oppo following closely behind with 22%, according to market research […]

Indonesian consumer research startup Populix gets $1.2M in pre-Series A funding

Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, but consumer data is still hard to find for many businesses, especially smaller ones. Populix wants to make research easier for companies, through a respondent app that now has 250,000 users in 300 Indonesian cities. The startup announced today it has raised $1.2 million […]

An Oracle EVP took a brass-knuckled approach with a reporter today; now he’s suspended from Twitter

Companies and the reporters who cover them routinely find themselves at odds, particularly when the stories being chased are unflattering or bring unwanted attention to a business’s dealings, or, in the company’s estimation, simply inaccurate. Many companies fight back, which is why crisis communications is a very big and lucrative business. Still, how a company […]

The SPAC boom isn’t just here to stay, it’s changing consumer tech

Mike Murphy Contributor Mike Murphy is the founder and CEO of Rosecliff Ventures, a New York City-based investment firm focused on venture capital and private equity opportunities. Consumer technology is an inherently risky investment sector: even the best idea can fall flat if the story of the product is not sold properly to the end […]

Daily Crunch: Uber adds vaccine booking

Uber unveils half a dozen new features, Samsung announces a new flagship laptop and Zomato files to go public. This is your Daily Crunch for April 28, 2021. The big story: Uber adds vaccine booking Uber announced a half dozen new features today, including the ability to make a vaccine appointment at Walgreens and then […]

Office default Calibri will join Clippy, Internet Explorer in Windows retirement

reader comments 87 with 71 posters participating Share this story Rumor has it Calibri is already working on its goodbye note. Nathan Mattise Calibri made its big debut as the Microsoft standard with Windows Vista Andrew Cunningham …and it held onto its position during Microsoft’s most notable moment of aesthetic transition in the last 15 […]

Verizon “leads” all US carriers in mmWave 5G availability at 0.8%

Enlarge / A Verizon booth at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles in September 2018. reader comments 26 with 23 posters participating Share this story US mobile customers are almost never able to connect to millimeter-wave networks even though the cellular industry and Verizon in particular have spent years hyping the fastest form of […]

Your phone can now serve as a earthquake early warning system

Peter Griffin, Contributor. 29 April 2021, 9:46 am Tens of thousands of Kiwis regularly reach for their phone when they feel the shudder or rocking that suggests there’s been an earthquake. We head straight for the GeoNet app, which, almost instantly, displays a quake’s magnitude, depth and location.The information is generated by a network of […]