The iPad was meant to revolutionize accessibility. What happened?

The default TouchChat display of PRC-Saltillo’s communication device, for example, consists of 12 rows of eight buttons displaying a mix of letters, object icons (“apple”), category icons (“food”), and navigation elements (back arrows)—many of them in garish neon colors. Part of what I find infuriating about the interface is how it treats every button similarly—they’re […]

Purely AI-generated songs declared ineligible for Grammy Awards

Getty Images reader comments 22 with Amid increasing use of generative AI in music, the Recording Academy has updated its rules for the 66th annual Grammy Awards regarding the role of AI in considered works, Reuters reports. To be eligible for an award, a song must have meaningful human authorship. Purely algorithmically generated music cannot […]

Scaling MLOps for the enterprise with multi-tenant systems

In the context of MLOps, the benefits of using a multi-tenant system are manifold. Machine learning engineers, data scientists, analysts, modelers, and other practitioners contributing to MLOps processes often need to perform similar activities with equally similar software stacks. It is hugely beneficial for a company to maintain only one instance of the stack or […]

The Download: explaining the recent AI panic, and digital inequality in the US

Who’s afraid of the big bad bots? A lot of people, it seems. Hundreds of scientists, business leaders, and policymakers have recently made public pronouncements or signed open letters warning of the catastrophic dangers of artificial intelligence, from deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton to California congressman Ted Lieu. We’ve been here before: AI doom follows […]

How climate vulnerability and the digital divide are linked

“For me as a Louisianan, it is not always as severe as, you know, we get a killer storm every three years,” Sanders says. “It’s also as subtle as everyone in this neighborhood walks around in closed-toed shoes because they’re so used to having [flood]water … Sometimes when we’re thinking about research or community engagement […]

DDoS attackers – hacktivists or state-backed actors?

CyberCX, a cybersecurity firm operating across New Zealand and Australia, has issued a security update about Anonymous Sudan, which is alleged to have been responsible for at least 24 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Australian organisations in the aviation, healthcare, and education sectors this year. Microsoft has blamed Anonymous Sudan on attacks that […]

How existential risk became the biggest meme in AI

The starkest assertion, signed by all those figures and many more, is a 22-word statement put out two weeks ago by the Center for AI Safety (CAIS), an agenda-pushing research organization based in San Francisco. It proclaims: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as […]

The Download: building anti-aging hype, and exploring the universe with sound

It’s not every day that police storm through the doors of a scientific session and eject half the audience. But that’s what happened on Friday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during a round of scientific presentations featuring Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a specialist in “rejuvenation” technology at a secretive, wealthy, anti-aging startup called […]