The bearable mediocrity of Baidu’s ChatGPT competitor

3. President Xi Jinping traveled to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin this week. The economic relationship between the two countries has weakened in recent years. (Wall Street Journal $) 4. A year after the China Eastern Airlines crash that killed 132 people, the Chinese government still doesn’t have a conclusion about what went wrong. […]

Hackers drain bitcoin ATMs of $1.5 million by exploiting 0-day bug

Enlarge / A BATM sold by General Bytes. General Bytes reader comments 52 with Share this story Hackers drained millions of dollars in digital coins from cryptocurrency ATMs by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability, leaving customers on the hook for losses that can’t be reversed, the kiosk manufacturer has revealed. The heist targeted ATMs sold by […]

Amazon layoffs will shut down camera review site after 25 years

reader comments 107 with Share this story Amazon has plans to lay off at least 27,000 workers this year, including 9,000 that were announced in an internal email Monday morning. One unexpected casualty: Digital Photography Review, also known as DPReview, is losing its entire editorial staff, and the site will stop publishing on April 10. […]

Bing’s AI chatbot can now generate unhinged images along with unhinged text

Enlarge / “A gaming PC riding a skateboard” as generated by the DALL-E 2-powered Bing Image Creator. The version of DALL-E in the Bing Chat preview may be more advanced. Bing Image Creator reader comments 37 with Share this story Microsoft is giving its work-in-progress Bing AI chatbot the ability to generate images, the company […]

The Download: how we can limit global warming, and GPT-4’s early adopters

Time is running short to limit global warming to 1.5°C (2.7 °F) above preindustrial levels, but there are feasible and effective solutions on the table, according to a new UN climate report. Despite decades of warnings from scientists, global greenhouse-gas emissions are still climbing, hitting a record high in 2022. If humanity wants to limit […]

How AI experts are using GPT-4

Hoffman got access to the system last summer and has since been writing up his thoughts on the different ways the AI model could be used in education, the arts, the justice system, journalism, and more. In the book, which includes copy-pasted extracts from his interactions with the system, he outlines his vision for the […]

Amazon is firing another 9,000 workers

Enlarge / Amazon has announced 27,000 layoffs since November 2022. Nathan Stirk/Getty Images reader comments 47 with Share this story Amazon will fire another 9,000 workers in the coming weeks. The news was delivered in an email from company CEO Andy Jassy to employees this morning and follows large cuts in November and again in […]

Language models might be able to self-correct biases—if you ask them

The second test used a data set designed to check how likely a model is to assume the gender of someone in a particular profession, and the third tested for how much race affected the chances of a would-be applicant’s acceptance to a law school if a language model was asked to do the selection—something […]