How much public cloud do we want?

Peter Griffin, Editor. 12 August 2022, 2:22 pm Google this week became the latest tech giant to announce New Zealand as a “cloud” region, following in the footsteps of AWS and Microsoft. It won’t be building its own data centres as the other two are in the process of doing, but will locate its equipment […]

I’m a security reporter and got fooled by a blatant phish

Enlarge / This is definitely not a Razer mouse—but you get the idea. reader comments 40 with 37 posters participating, including story author Share this story There has been a recent flurry of phishing attacks so surgically precise and well-executed that they’ve managed to fool some of the most aware people working in the cybersecurity […]

Amid backlash from privacy advocates, Meta expands end-to-end encryption trial

Getty Images reader comments 24 with 22 posters participating Share this story Meta is ever so slowly expanding its trial of end-to-end encryption in a bid to protect users from snoops and law enforcement. End-to-end encryption, often abbreviated as E2EE, uses strong cryptography to encrypt messages with a key that is unique to each user. […]

Deep learning can almost perfectly predict how ice forms

“The properties of matter emerge from how electrons behave,” says Pablo Piaggi, a research fellow at Princeton University and the lead author on the study. “Simulating explicitly what happens at that level is a way to capture much more rich physical phenomena.” It’s the first time this method has been used to model something as […]

How to craft effective AI policy

So to your first question, I think you’re right. That policy makers should actually define the guardrails, but I don’t think they need to do it for everything. I think we need to pick those areas that are most sensitive. The EU has called them high risk. And maybe we might take from that, some […]

A bioengineered cornea can restore sight to blind people

One unexpected bonus was that the implant changed the shape of the cornea enough for its recipients to wear contact lenses for the best possible vision, even though they had been previously unable to tolerate them. The cornea helps focus light rays on the retina at the back of the eye and protects the eye […]

One of 5G’s biggest features is a security minefield

reader comments 38 with 32 posters participating Share this story True 5G wireless data, with its ultrafast speeds and enhanced security protections, has been slow to roll out around the world. As the mobile technology proliferates—combining expanded speed and bandwidth with low-latency connections—one of its most touted features is starting to come in to focus. […]

China has censored a top health information platform

The suspension has met with a gleeful social reaction among nationalist bloggers, who accuse DXY of receiving foreign funding, bashing traditional Chinese medicine, and criticizing China’s health-care system.  DXY is one of the front-runners in China’s digital health startup scene. It hosts the largest online community Chinese doctors use to discuss professional topics and socialize. […]

The Download: tech’s gender gap, and how Gen Z handles misinformation

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology. 1 Amazon wants to start offering teletherapy The e-commerce giant is rapidly expanding into healthcare. (Insider $)+ And it’s expanding its palm print-reading payment system into dozens of Whole Foods stores. (Ars Technica) 2 The US has rejected Starlink’s broadband supply bid 🛰️The FCC said […]

Why can’t tech fix its gender problem?

Not competing in this Olympics, but still contributing to the industry’s success, were the thousands of women who worked in the Valley’s microchip fabrication plants and other manufacturing facilities from the 1960s to the early 1980s. Some were working-class Asian- and Mexican-Americans whose mothers and grandmothers had worked in the orchards and fruit can­neries of […]