This is the first image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy

The supermassive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy has been photographed for the first time, giving astronomers invaluable insight into how black holes interact with their surroundings. The object, known as Sagittarius A*, was captured by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, the same global team who took the famous first-ever picture of […]

The Download: Google’s stalkerware ban failure, and a bet for climate catastrophe

According to research by mobile security firm Certo Software and confirmed by MIT Technology Review, Google Search queries related to tracking partners such as a wife or girlfriend commonly return ads for software and services that explicitly offer to spy on other individuals. Stalkerware, also referred to as spyware, is software designed to secretly monitor […]

Google is failing to enforce its own ban on ads for stalkerware

While it’s against the law in the US to install stalkerware on an adult’s phone without consent, marketing such apps is legal. Although many companies display disclaimers on their websites stating that their software is intended for legal purposes only, there have been a handful of convictions for installing spyware on unknowing adults’ devices.  Last […]

Backdoor in public repository used new form of attack to target big firms

reader comments 10 with 9 posters participating Share this story A backdoor that researchers found hiding inside open source code targeting four German companies was the work of a professional penetration tester. The tester was checking clients’ resilience against a new class of attacks that exploits public repositories used by millions of software projects worldwide. […]

The 100 best Kiwi startups and tech companies to work for

Peter Griffin, Editor. 12 May 2022, 10:02 am Our tech start-up scene is thriving, attracting more talent and capital than ever before. But where are the best places to work? How do you find a company that has a meaningful mission and will help you gain incredible experience and develop new skills? There’s no one […]

The Download: Russia’s satellite hack, and Shanghai’s intensifying lockdown

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. Russia hacked a US satellite company one hour before the Ukraine invasion What happened: Just an hour before Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Russian government hackers targeted the American satellite company Viasat, officials from the […]

What does the boarder reopening announcement mean for our industry?

Victoria MacLennan. 11 May 2022, 11:52 pm Today the Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration announced they are bringing the border reopening forward, along with some Immigration Rebalance changes. Here is some useful information the amazing MBIE team have put together to help our members to better understand how this will affect the digital technologies […]

US and its allies say Russia waged cyberattack that took out satellite network

reader comments 39 with 27 posters participating Share this story The US and European Union on Tuesday said Russia was responsible for a cyberattack in February that crippled a satellite network in Ukraine and neighboring countries, disrupting communications and a wind farm used to generate electricity. The February 24 attack unleashed wiper malware that destroyed […]

Netflix’s ad-supported tier will reportedly roll out sooner than expected

Getty Images | Anadolu Agency reader comments 59 with 43 posters participating Share this story Netflix has reportedly told employees it plans to roll out an ad-supported tier by the end of this year, sooner than expected. Additionally, Netflix’s plan for an extra fee to fight password-sharing would roll out around the same time. In […]

Russia hacked an American satellite company one hour before the Ukraine invasion

Guerrero-Saade, who has been at the forefront of research into AcidRain, says that where previous malware used by the Russians was narrowly targeted, AcidRaid is more of an all-purpose weapon. “What’s massively concerning about AcidRaid is that they’ve taken all the safety checks off,” he says. “With previous wipers, the Russians were careful to only […]