2021 has broken the record for zero-day hacking attacks

“Part of the reason you’re seeing more now is because we’re finding more,” says Microsoft’s Doerr. “We’re better at shining a spotlight. Now you can learn from what’s happening at all your customers, which helps you get smarter faster. In the bad situation where you see something new, that will impact one customer instead of […]

This WhatsApp feature lets users quickly access important messages

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp offers a feature that allows users to save important messages so they can access them later without any hassle. The feature called “Starred messages” lets users to bookmark messages they want to quickly refer back to later. Here’s how this feature works: Step 1: You first need to open […]

AWS to spend $7.5 billion in NZ over next 15 years

Peter Griffin, Editor. 23 September 2021, 11:48 am Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services plans to spend $7.5 billion in New Zealand over the next 15 years kicking off with a local data centre presence in 2024. The move will create 1,000 jobs and add $10.8 billion to New Zealand’s gross domestic product over the […]

Security audit raises severe warnings on Chinese smartphone models

Enlarge / Be sure you know what you’re getting into before buying and using unfamiliarly branded smartphones—especially international models not originally intended for your country. reader comments 11 with 11 posters participating Share this story The Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently published a security assessment of three recent-model Chinese-made smartphones—Huawei’s P40 5G, Xiaomi’s […]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is all about teamwork

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is all about teamwork and how the player’s relationship with gang members affects the mission. The game is all set to release on October 26 for platforms namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. We play as Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill, who […]

The geopolitics of cabling the Pacific

Amanda H A Watson, Contributor. 23 September 2021, 9:02 am If you’ve ever emailed a resort in Fiji or Vanuatu about that long-awaited holiday, it’s likely your email travelled through an undersea internet cable. Such cables carry much of the internet traffic around the globe, in conjunction with underground fibre connections, satellites and microwave links. […]

Bats with Covid-like viruses found in Laos: study

Scientists have discovered another clue to the origins of the virus that causes Covid-19, with bats living in caves in Laos found to be carrying a similar pathogen that experts suggest could potentially infect humans directly. The virus has killed millions since it emerged in China in late 2019, and controversy continues to swirl around […]

Phone calls disrupted by ongoing DDoS cyber attack on VOIP.ms

reader comments 22 with 20 posters participating Share this story Quebec-based provider of telephony services VoIP.ms is facing an aggressive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attack, causing a disruption in phone calls and services. The incident began around September 16 and has put a strain on the VoIP provider’s systems, websites, and operations. VoIP.ms […]

Apple users warned: Clicking this attachment will take over your macOS

reader comments 11 with 10 posters participating Share this story A code execution bug in Apple’s macOS allows remote attackers to run arbitrary commands on your device. And the worst part is, Apple hasn’t fully patched it yet, as tested by Ars. Those shortcut files can take over your Mac Independent security researcher Park Minchan […]

Bill Gates’ green tech fund bets on farming robots

As California struggles with another crippling drought, a Silicon Valley startup that believes robots can grow produce more sustainably said Wednesday it raised $50 million in a funding round led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Iron Ox uses robots that are integrated with a hydroponic system consuming 90% less water than traditional farms, said […]