These aircraft could change how we fly

So far, no eVTOLs have launched commercially, though several companies have announced plans to enter commercial service in 2025.  Right now, companies are testing prototypes and showing off what they can do—a company called Autoflight broke the world record for the longest eVTOL flight just last month. The aircraft covered just over 155 miles (250 […]

Futurists predict a point where humans and machines become one. But will we see it coming?

Most people are familiar with the deluge of artificial intelligence (AI) apps that seem designed to make us more efficient and creative. We’ve got apps that take text prompts and generate art, and the controversial ChatGPT, which raises serious questions about originality, misinformation and plagiarism. Despite these concerns, AI is becoming ever more pervasive and […]

OpenAI checked to see whether GPT-4 could take over the world

Ars Technica reader comments 43 with Share this story As part of pre-release safety testing for its new GPT-4 AI model, launched Tuesday, OpenAI allowed an AI testing group to assess the potential risks of the model’s emergent capabilities—including “power-seeking behavior,” self-replication, and self-improvement. While the testing group found that GPT-4 was “ineffective at the […]

Security firm Rubrik is latest to be felled by GoAnywhere vulnerability

Getty Images reader comments 2 with Share this story Rubrik, the Silicon Valley data security company, said that it experienced a network intrusion made possible by a zero-day vulnerability in a product it used called GoAnywhere. In an advisory posted on Tuesday, Rubrik CISO Michael Mestrovich said an investigation into the breach found that the […]

The Download: GPT-4 is here, and metaverse marriages

OpenAI has finally unveiled GPT-4, a next-generation large language model that was rumored to be in development for much of last year. The company’s last surprise hit, ChatGPT, was always going to be a hard act to follow, but OpenAI has made GPT-4 even bigger and better. Yet how much bigger and why it’s better, […]

This couple just got married in the Taco Bell metaverse

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past the initial sign-in, and my screen kept crashing. It was so glitchy that I had to give up trying to watch the ceremony just a few minutes in. In fairness, that might have been just me. Others were able to watch the entire experience, including Mohnot’s grandmother in India. Still, […]

China just set up a new bureau to mine data for economic growth

3. Hundreds of Baidu employees are working around the clock and borrowing computer chips from other departments to get ready for the launch of Ernie Bot, Baidu’s answer to ChatGPT, this coming Thursday. (Wall Street Journal $) 4. Shou Zi Chew, TikTok’s CEO, has sought closed-door meetings with at least half a dozen lawmakers in […]

GPT-4 is bigger and better than ChatGPT—but OpenAI won’t say why

“That’s something that, you know, we can’t really comment on at this time,” said OpenAI’s chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever, when I spoke to the GPT-4 team in a video call an hour after the announcement. “It’s pretty competitive out there.” Access to GPT-4 will be available to users who sign up to the waitlist and […]

Still using authenticators for MFA? Software for sale can hack you anyway

Getty Images reader comments 47 with Share this story Microsoft on Tuesday profiled software for sale in online forums that makes it easy for criminals to deploy phishing campaigns that successfully compromise accounts, even when they’re protected by the most common form of multi-factor authentication. The phishing kit is the engine that’s powering more than […]