The hope and hype of seaweed farming for carbon removal

In the same way, there are two major things we need to do to address climate change. We need to cut emissions—for example, by slowing down our use of fossil fuels. That’s akin to turning off the water tap. Then we’ll need to mop up the spill—that’s carbon removal, processes that aim to pull carbon […]

What “rewilding” means—and what’s missing from this new movement

Restoring the planet is always a process of design, one that is shaped by the values, idiosyncrasies, and blind spots of those in charge. Laura J. Martin, environmental historian These fish fared surprisingly well—twice as well as non-irradiated fish—and ever since have been outcompeting natural fish and breeding with them, not to mention the countless […]

The Catholic cartographer who wants to help the church fight climate change

ISABEL MAGOWAN The work Burhans is undertaking is perhaps even more challenging politically than it is technically, says Steinitz. “You have to do an awful lot of digging. You have to deal with places that don’t have maps; you have places that don’t have property definitions. I mean, try doing this in Central Africa,” he […]

Yes, AI could help us fix the productivity slump – but it can’t fix everything

Our nation is experiencing its lowest productivity growth in 60 years, according to the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia. And this downturn is reflected across most advanced economies worldwide [Ed: New Zealand’s productivity is notoriously low compared to the OECD average]. So it’s not surprising some see the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

AI-generated Secret Invasion intro angers Marvel artists and fans alike

Enlarge / A still image taken from the AI-generated Secret Invasion TV show intro on Disney+. reader comments 87 with On Wednesday, Marvel’s latest comic book TV show, Secret Invasion, premiered on Disney+ to controversy: It features AI-generated motion graphics during its title sequence, and some fans and creators aren’t happy about it. “For Marvel, […]

Two companies can now sell lab-grown chicken in the US

Animal agriculture makes up nearly 15% of human-caused global greenhouse gas emissions. A growing number of companies are working to bring alternatives to the market that have the potential to cut emissions.  Most meat alternatives on the market today are made using plants. Upside Foods, Eat Just, and other cultivated meat companies instead make products […]

Making data matter in real time

This report examines how organizations can rethink their data management strategies to leverage real-time data to develop personalized real-time digital experiences or applications that customers want, boost operational efficiency, and increase business performance. The following are the key findings of this report: • Collecting and analyzing data in real time allows companies to create innovative applications. When […]

Camera review site DPReview finds a buyer, avoids shutdown by Amazon

reader comments 25 with Back in March, the editor-in-chief of the 25-year-old, Amazon-owned camera review site announced that the site would be closing in April. The site was the casualty of a round of layoffs at Amazon that will affect a total of about 27,000 employees this year; DPReview was meant to stop publishing […]

The Download: China’s counterfeit lawsuits, and Apple’s accessibility failure

On April 3, 2010, Steve Jobs debuted the iPad. What for most people was basically a more convenient form factor was something far more consequential for non-speakers: a life-­changing revolution in access to a portable, powerful communication device for just a few hundred dollars. But a piece of hardware, however impressively designed and engineered, is […]

The US city that scares Chinese Amazon sellers

3. The national number of cremations for 2022 was omitted from China’s quarterly routine data reports, obscuring information relevant to understanding the covid-19 wave that followed China’s easing of pandemic restrictions. (CNN) 4. Despite being designated a national security threat in China, the US semiconductor company Micron is investing $603 million in a chip packaging […]