When MIT met Sally

Lauding the Institute community’s “signature ability to foster the very best in fundamental research and harness it to confront society’s hardest problems,” Kornbluth noted that many of those challenges will require new research, new forms of collaboration, and renewed efforts to take timely action in society. “As humanity struggles with so many interlocking global crises, […]

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“Today, most robots are wheeled. But imagine that there’s a disaster scenario, flooding, or an earthquake, and we want robots to aid humans in the search-and-rescue process. We need the machines to go over terrains that aren’t flat, and wheeled robots can’t traverse those landscapes,” says Pulkit Agrawal, EECS professor and director of the Improbable […]

Nanoparticles target lung disease

After one dose of the particles was administered to the lab mice, the mRNA made it into about 40% of the epithelial cells, which form most of the lung lining. Three doses brought the level up to 60%. For the two specific types of epithelial cells that are the most important targets for treating lung […]

A study that really holds water

Video of water spreading through the specialized sandgrouse feathers, under magnification, shows the uncoiling and spreading of the feather’s barbules as they become wet. MUSEUM OF COMPARATIVE ZOOLOGY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY Using scanning electron microscopy, micro-computed tomography, and video imaging, the researchers discovered that sandgrouse feathers have an unusual design. Most feathers have a central shaft from which […]

Patches to the rescue

In tests, 26 times more of a drug passed through pig skin than was possible without ultrasonic assistance. Meanwhile, researchers led by Ana Jaklenec and Institute Professor Robert Langer, ScD ’74, of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research have developed a small mobile printer that produces patches with hundreds of nearly painless micro­needles, whose […]

A silky solution to seed counterfeiting

Using drop casting, in which a drop of liquid containing a suspension of the desired materials is deposited on a surface, dean of engineering Anantha Chandrakasan and his colleagues produced tags less than a tenth of an inch in diameter. Then they found a way to add color to silk microparticles and mix four basic […]

A simple urine test for low-cost cancer diagnosis

A nanoparticle sensor developed by Professor Sangeeta Bhatia, SM ’93, PhD ’97, and colleagues including former MIT postdoc Liangliang Hao, now an assistant professor at Boston University, could make it possible to detect and monitor cancers with an affordable paper-based urine test. The nanoparticles are a variation on a type of “synthetic biomarker” developed in Bhatia’s lab […]

Recent books from the MIT community

A Crisis Like No Other: Understanding and Defeating Global WarmingBy Robert De Saro, SM ’74BENTHAM BOOKS, 2023, $36 The Metallurgy of Zinc Coated SteelsBy Arnold R. Marder and Frank E. Goodwin, SM ’76, ScD ’79ELSEVIER, 2023, $190 Judicial Dispute Resolution: New Roles for Judges in Ensuring JusticeBy Lawrence Susskind, MCP ’70, PhD ’73, professor of […]

Becoming superheroes, together

We must understand systemic inequalities so we can understand why and how to correct them. From both stories, we see how exclusion is less productive than inclusion. Leaving up barriers to women’s education means missing out on women’s potential contributions. Destroying public facilities out of hatred destroys them for everyone. If the goal is to […]

Build an AI strategy that survives first contact with reality

For one of our clients, one of the world’s leading snack food producers, AI is supporting elements of recipe creation, which is a historically complicated task given the dozens of possible ingredients and ways to combine them. By partnering product specialists with AI, the organization can generate higher quality recipes faster. The organization’s system has […]