Sensitive data is being leaked from servers running Salesforce software

reader comments 8 with Servers running software sold by Salesforce are leaking sensitive data managed by government agencies, banks, and other organizations, according to a post published Friday by KrebsOnSecurity. At least five separate sites run by the state of Vermont permitted access to sensitive data to anyone, Brian Krebs reported. The state’s Pandemic Unemployment […]

Nuke-launching AI would be illegal under proposed US law

Enlarge / An AI-generated image of a nuclear mushroom cloud. Midjourney reader comments 68 with On Wednesday, US Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Representatives Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), Don Beyer (D-Va.), and Ken Buck (R-Colo.) announced bipartisan legislation that seeks to prevent an artificial intelligence system from making nuclear launch decisions. The Block Nuclear Launch by […]

A chatbot that asks questions could help you spot when it makes no sense

Fernanda Viégas, a professor of computer science at Harvard University, who did not participate in the study, says she is excited to see a fresh take on explaining AI systems that not only offers users insight into the system’s decision-making process but does so by questioning the logic the system has used to reach its […]

How an undercover content moderator polices the metaverse

Meta won’t say how many content moderators it employs or contracts in Horizon Worlds, or whether the company intends to increase that number with the new age policy. But the change puts a spotlight on those tasked with enforcement in these new online spaces—people like Yekkanti—and how they go about their jobs.    Yekkanti has worked […]

Griffin on Tech: AI and local casualties in the ‘year of efficiency’

Big Tech’s ‘year of efficiency’ employee cull seems to be working, with the share prices of Google, Microsoft, and Meta experiencing a bump in the wake of their latest quarterly earnings announcements. It’s sad that mass layoffs are the grounds for such shareholder optimism, though it is also true that these companies expanded too rapidly […]

The future of generative AI is niche, not generalized

Whether or not this really amounts to an “iPhone moment” or a serious threat to Google search isn’t obvious at present — while it will likely push a change in user behaviors and expectations, the first shift will be organizations pushing to bring tools trained on large language models (LLMs) to learn from their own […]

The flawed logic of rushing out extreme climate solutions

The problem with applying that mindset outside of software and social media is that the stakes are far higher and the potential effects extend well outside the boundaries of any business: We don’t want to break, or even harm, global commons like our oceans and atmosphere.  We simply don’t know whether some of these proposed […]