These angry Dutch farmers really hate Microsoft

reader comments 109 with Share this story As soon as Lars Ruiter steps out of his car, he is confronted by a Microsoft security guard, who is already seething with anger. Ruiter, a local councillor, has parked in the rain outside a half-finished Microsoft data center that rises out of the flat North Holland farmland. […]

The Download: toxic chemicals, and Russia’s cyberwar tactics

What are chemical pollutants doing to our bodies? It’s a timely question given that last week, people in Philadelphia cleared grocery shelves of bottled water after a toxic leak from a chemical plant spilled into a tributary of the Delaware River, a source of drinking water for 14 million people. And it was only last […]

Multi-die systems define the future of semiconductors

Few business leaders, however, are keeping pace with the latest developments in this arena. Multi-die technology is still an enigma to many executives. A recent poll by MIT Technology Review Insights asked business leaders about their awareness of this design strategy—and found that 62% of respondents are either uninterested, unaware, or only somewhat aware of […]

Griffin on Tech: Don’t hit pause on AI, regulate its use now

The Elon Musk-funded Future of Life Institute this week issued an open letter calling on artificial intelligence research labs to suspend work on their most advanced projects. Musk, who has described advances in AI as “summoning the demon” has tended to overestimate the pace of development of the field towards the artificial general intelligence (AGI) […]

Pro-Russian hackers target elected US officials supporting Ukraine

Enlarge / Locked out. reader comments 10 with Share this story Threat actors aligned with Russia and Belarus are targeting elected US officials supporting Ukraine, using attacks that attempt to compromise their email accounts, researchers from security firm Proofpoint said. The campaign, which also targets officials of European nations, uses malicious JavaScript that’s customized for […]