Griffin on Tech: Our telecoms network failed us when we needed it most

Amid the mounting chaos caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, our telecommunications network appeared to be holding up reasonably well. “Our networks are largely undamaged but there are outages due to a lack of power supply,” Paul Brislen of the Telecommunications Forum emailed journalists at 10.08 am on Tuesday morning. As he was writing that update, the […]

Researchers unearth Windows backdoor that’s unusually stealthy

reader comments 0 with Share this story Researchers have discovered a clever piece of malware that stealthily exfiltrates data and executes malicious code from Windows systems by abusing a feature in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS is a general-purpose web server that runs on Windows devices. As a web server, it accepts requests from […]

The Download: K-pop activists, and the future of search

How K-pop fans are shaping elections around the globe Back in the early ‘90s, Korean pop music, known as K-pop, was largely conserved to its native South Korea. It’s since exploded around the globe into an international phenomenon, emphasizing choreography and elaborate performance.  It’s made bands like Girls Generation, EXO, BTS, and Blackpink into household […]

How K-pop fans are shaping elections around the globe

In 2022, the group announced that it would take a break so its members could focus on solo projects and fulfill their country’s mandatory military service over the next two years. But so far, fans have remained loyal, showing up to stream, purchase, and support that solo work. With seven individual careers now taking off, […]

The ChatGPT-fueled battle for search is bigger than Microsoft or Google

Hoover says that Andi avoids simply repeating text from search results. “It doesn’t make things up like other chatbots,” she says. People can decide for themselves whether or not that’s true. After collecting feedback from its users for the past year, the company’s chatbot will now sometimes admit when it’s not confident about an answer. […]

Tech salaries up 15 – 20%, cybersecurity, data, cloud skills in hot demand

With a major pipeline of tech projects and net migration still in negative territory, demand for tech and digital salaries remains strong, according to data from global recruitment company, Talent. Tech salaries and contract rates increased 15 – 20% globally on average, according to Talent, despite a slowing market and challenging macroeconomic conditions. Talent’s New […]

Meta develops an AI language bot that can use external software tools

Enlarge / An artist’s impression of a robot hand using a desktop calculator. reader comments 31 with Share this story Language models like ChatGPT have revolutionized the field of natural language processing, but they still struggle with some basic tasks such as arithmetic and fact-checking. Last Thursday, researchers from Meta revealed Toolformer, an AI language […]

Health info for 1 million patients stolen using critical GoAnywhere vulnerability

Getty Images reader comments 9 with Share this story One of the biggest hospital chains in the US said hackers obtained protected health information for 1 million patients after exploiting a vulnerability in an enterprise software product called GoAnywhere. Community Health Systems of Franklin, Tennessee, said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission […]

The Download: mitigating methane emissions, and testing AI-developed drugs

A Palo Alto–based startup wants to begin releasing iron particles into the exhaust stream of a shipping vessel crossing the ocean within the next 18 months. Blue Dot Change hopes to determine whether the particles will accelerate the destruction of methane, one of the most powerful greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. It’s among a handful […]