How OpenAI is trying to make ChatGPT safer and less biased

It’s not just freaking out journalists (some of whom should really know better than to anthropomorphize and hype up a dumb chatbot’s ability to have feelings.) The startup has also gotten a lot of heat from conservatives in the US who claim its chatbot ChatGPT has a “woke” bias.  All this outrage is finally having an […]

She’s working to make German tech more inclusive

The grassroots-led initiative, called FrauenLoop (“women’s loop,” referencing the idea that women are being left out of the loop in the tech world), has been growing steadily ever since its founding in 2016. Stefflbauer serves as the organization’s CEO and has forged relationships with a variety of companies, including GitHub, EcoVadis, and Taxfix, which donate […]

These underwater cables can improve tsunami detection

And if the technology comes to Vanuatu and New Caledonia, a neighboring island nation, it could mean a big change in public safety. The two small countries are separated by an area where one section of ocean floor is actively diving beneath another, causing those frequent earthquakes and tsunamis. Residents may have a few minutes, […]

How did China come to dominate the world of electric cars?

What does China’s EV market look like now? As a result of all this, China now has an outsize domestic demand for EVs: According to a survey from the US consulting company AlixPartners, over 50% of Chinese respondents were considering battery-electric vehicles as their next car in 2021, the highest in the world and two […]

2degrees bringing forward Starlink Business launch as interest in satellite surges

Telecoms provider 2Degrees is launching its Starlink Business satellite broadband offering early with interest in satellite skyrocketing as a result of the communications outages suffered during last week’s flood disaster. While Satlink receivers have been available from retailers such as Noel Leeming for months now, they are self-installed devices where users sign up for a […]

Starlink’s “Global Roaming” promises worldwide access for $200 a month

Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish. Getty Images | olegda88 reader comments 38 with Share this story SpaceX’s Starlink division has invited some potential users to try a “Global Roaming” service for $200 a month, saying the new plan “allows your Starlink to connect from almost anywhere on land in the world.” “Global Roaming makes […]

Twitter’s two-factor authentication change “doesn’t make sense”

reader comments 58 with Share this story Twitter announced Friday that as of March 20, it will only allow its users to secure their accounts with SMS-based two-factor authentication if they pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, requires users to log in with a username and password and then an additional […]

The Download: crime app concerns, and helpful AI

“The people talking about generative AI right now were the people talking about Web3 and blockchain until recently—the Venn diagram is a circle.” —Ben Waber, chief executive of AI workplace company Humanyze, ponders the pitfalls of the AI hype train to the Wall Street Journal. The big story One city’s fight to solve its sewage […]

Finding forgotten Indigenous landscapes with electromagnetic technology

Using magnetometry, archaeologist Jarrod Burks is mapping the lost cultures of southern Ohio.MADDIE MCGARVEY Although monumental earthworks can be found from southern Canada to Florida and from Wisconsin to Louisiana, Ohio has the largest known collection of these structures in the United States—despite the fact that Ohio has no federally recognized Native American tribes. Their […]

How AI can actually be helpful in disaster response

Marash, Turkey: Satellite imagery (left) from earth imaging company Planet Labs PBC and the output from xView2 (right) attributed to UC Berkeley, the Defense Innovation Unit, and Microsoft. This is an improvement over more traditional disaster assessment systems, in which rescue and emergency responders rely on eyewitness reports and calls to identify where help is […]