Making a splash at Universal Studios Japan

Pérez was always interested in the performing arts as well as the sciences, but he didn’t think entertainment was a viable career choice when he was in high school. MIT changed his mind. Growing up in Miami as a first-generation Cuban-American, Pérez considered it an act of rebellion to leave Florida. He hunted for a […]

Tackling Earth’s tremors and cancerous tumors

After grad school, Zhang founded GeoTomo, a company that uses imaging technologies to search for energy resources underground. He soon realized that similar technology could be used on a smaller scale to examine the human body. In 1999, he founded Miles Medical, setting the stage for his dual career.  In 2011 he returned to China […]

A warm welcome

Sally Kornbluth officially began her tenure as MIT’s 18th president on January 1. A welcome banner—in Duke blue, presumably to ease her transition to 02139—greeted her in Lobby 7 as she began taking her first sips from the firehose. Here’s her video hello to the MIT community: Source: MIT Technology Review

Wean Khing Wong ’84

Wean Khing Wong, an attorney, mediator, speaker, and life coach, knows from personal experience that there are many ways to support the institutions and ideals that are important to you. As founder and former president of the MIT Chinese Alumni Group—which alumni and students of any ethnic background are welcome to join—she has produced free […]

No humans allowed

The Z Center held its second annual dog swim in December just before draining the pool for maintenance. Dogs able to go online to sign up (or convince their humans to do so for them) enjoyed a one-hour slot of swimming, socializing, ball retrieving, and, of course, dousing the people watching them with a satisfying […]

The numbers that couldn’t be ignored

Please return to this page on or after February 27 to read an excerpt adapted from The Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the Fight for Women in Science by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kate Zernike. The book will go on sale on February 28, and the publisher has requested that we wait until the 27th to post the […]

Sci-fi becomes real as renowned magazine closes submissions due to AI writers

Enlarge / An AI-generated image of a robot eagerly writing a submission to Clarkesworld. Ars Technica reader comments 83 with Share this story One side effect of unlimited content-creation machines—generative AI—is unlimited content. On Monday, the editor of the renowned sci-fi publication Clarkesworld Magazine announced that he had temporarily closed story submissions due to a […]

Limited data sets a hurdle as China plays catch-up to ChatGPT

Enlarge / Baidu is leading the ChatGPT AI charge in China with plans to incorporate its Ernie chatbot into its search engine from next month. reader comments 21 with Share this story China’s tech giants, including Baidu, Alibaba, and NetEase, are racing to match the West’s recent developments in artificial intelligence, touting projects that they […]

The Download: China’s EV dominance, and making ChatGPT safer

Before most people could realize what was happening, China became a world leader in electric vehicles. And the momentum hasn’t slowed: In just the past two years, the number of EVs sold annually in the country grew from 1.3 million to a whopping 6.8 million.  The industry is growing at a speed that has surprised […]

Viral Instagram photographer has a confession: His photos are AI-generated

Enlarge / Jos Avery uses Midjourney, an AI image synthesis model, to create images that he then retouches and posts on Instagram as “photos.” reader comments 39 with Share this story With over 26,000 followers and growing, Jos Avery’s Instagram account has a trick up its sleeve. While it may appear to showcase stunning photo […]