Digital business building driven by conviction and experimentation

Enter digital business building At root, the challenge of digitization is not the adoption of any particular technology. Instead, it is the strategic coherence with which companies deploy that technology in support of a digital business model. Companies need to focus on building businesses that are foundationally digital and that can continually evolve, says Anand […]

Entering the software economy

Jeff: Well, if you’re six, 12 months into it, things that I look for… Now, let’s say you’ve got a non-tech company acquiring a tech company or even a large tech company acquiring a small tech company. When you enter the software economy, there are a lot of things that are different. One of them […]

The Download: introducing The Design Issue

+ AI is being put to work dreaming up never-before-seen drugs. But do they work? + How K-pop fans’ online campaigning skills are changing the face of civil resistance and social change advocacy. + Prosthetics designers are shunning traditional hyperreal aesthetics to create fantastical alternatives that might wriggle like a tentacle, light up, or even […]

EV batteries are the next point of tension between China and the US

2. China used its “unreliable entity list” for the first time ever to sanction Lockheed Martin and Raytheon over selling arms to Taiwan. The move is suspected to be a response to the American blacklisting of six Chinese entities over the “spy balloon” drama in January. (CNN) 3. While the official casualty count from China’s […]

Why the definition of design might need a change

The Latin root of “design,” dē-signo, conveyed to the likes of Cicero a far wider, more abstract set of meanings than we generally give the word today. These ranged from the literal and material (like tracing) through the tactical (to contrive and achieve a goal) to the organizational and institutional—as in the strategic “designation” of […]

If design is everything, is it anything?

Design has operated this way in the world for a very long time. It still mostly does. While it is true, observes architect and designer Nicholas de Monchaux in his introduction to this issue, that design has accomplished much good in the world, “it has also shared responsibility for bringing us into our current ecological crisis; […]

A guided tour of the new MIT Museum

LIGO prototype Developed by Professor Emeritus Rainer Weiss ’55, PhD ’62, and his students, this 1970s prototype led to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), a large-scale physics experiment that was ultimately able to detect the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. The work earned Weiss the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics. […]

Why this stroke survivor biked 4,500 miles across the US

As a result, Meyerson realized she wouldn’t be able to resume her former role in the classroom, where she had focused on gender and diversity. That disappointment led her to write a book—Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke, released in 2019. “The emotional journey is so important, and there’s not enough emphasis placed on that,” […]

Infusing science into public policymaking

Bahadori’s division at the National Academies focuses on 13 diverse areas, including space, energy, computing, aeronautics, national security, and infrastructure. She helps assemble the world’s top experts to bring science and research to the attention of US policymakers and help shape that research with an eye to policy. Being a grad student at MIT alongside […]

A journey into space policy

After earning a PhD in public policy at the University of Maryland, Borowitz joined the Georgia Tech faculty, then was detailed to NASA headquarters as a policy analyst for the Science Mission Directorate in 2016. Today, she collaborates with policymakers on space security, open access to Earth satellite data, and space situational awareness, which involves […]