A world of hurt for Fortinet and Zoho after users fail to install patches

reader comments 4 with Share this story Organizations around the world are once again learning the risks of not installing security updates as multiple threat actors race to exploit two recently patched vulnerabilities that allow them to infect some of the most critical parts of a protected network. The vulnerabilities both carry severity ratings of […]

Can AI meeting assistants take decent notes? 

Tools to provide meeting transcription aren’t a new concept but the SAAS market for tools that integrate with zoom, teams, google hangouts etc designed to capture a written transcript of your meeting has really exploded recently.  This blog is about transcription tools and doesn’t cover live caption at all.  Yesterday I facilitated a hui and […]

US Copyright Office withdraws copyright for AI-generated comic artwork

Enlarge / The cover of “Zarya of the Dawn,” a comic book created using Midjourney AI image synthesis in 2022. Kris Kashtanova reader comments 84 with Share this story On Tuesday, the US Copyright Office declared that images created using the AI-powered Midjourney image generator for the comic book Zarya of the Dawn should not […]

Ukraine suffered more data-wiping malware than anywhere, ever

Celestino Arce/Getty Images reader comments 15 with Share this story Amidst the tragic toll of Russia’s brutal and catastrophic invasion of Ukraine, the effects of the Kremlin’s long-running campaign of destructive cyberattacks against its neighbor have often—rightfully—been treated as an afterthought. But after a year of war, it’s becoming clear that the cyberwar Ukraine has […]

When hydrogen will help climate change—and when it won’t. 

Hydrogen is often heralded as a climate hero because when it’s used as a fuel in things like buses or steel production, there are no direct carbon emissions (or related warming) to worry about. As the world tries to cut down on our use of fossil fuels, there could be plenty of new demand for […]

How to talk your way out of a cybersecurity crisis

If you suffer a serious data breach or cyberattack, how you communicate with key stakeholders who are affected can make or break your reputation. That’s why CERT NZ, the government’s Computer Emergency Response Taskforce, has published Public communications for cyber security incidents: A framework for organisations. It’s fair to say that the large cybersecurity incidents […]

Estimating impact of data breaches on brands and defining a future-ready strategy

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Brands must safeguard themselves against potential threats and consider security a priority. Watch the discussion between industry leaders—Vishal Salvi from Infosys, Bill Mew from The Crisis Team, and Ameya Kapnadak from Interbrand—on the Infosys Brand Study, specifically concerning cybersecurity. Click here […]

Generative AI is coming for the lawyers

James Marshall / Getty Images reader comments 24 with Share this story David Wakeling, head of London-based law firm Allen & Overy’s markets innovation group, first came across law-focused generative AI tool Harvey in September 2022. He approached OpenAI, the system’s developer, to run a small experiment. A handful of his firm’s lawyers would use […]

Improving trust in autonomous technology

Trust and assurance—from consumers, the public, and governments—will be critical issues for the AI and autonomous technology space in the year ahead. Yet, earning that trust will require fundamental innovations in the way autonomous systems are tested and evaluated, according to Shawn Kimmel, EY-Parthenon Quantitative Strategies and Solutions executive director at Ernst & Young LLP. […]