The Download: Twitter’s edit button, and cleaning up fossil fuels

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology. 1 Jackson is entering its fifth day without waterThe Mississippi capital’s residents are bearing the brunt of decades of governmental neglect. (The Guardian)+ The city has been forced to get by without money for infrastructure or repairs for years. (Vox)+ It’s still […]

Griffin on Tech: Policy u-turns, tax and the digital economy

Peter Griffin, Editor. 02 September 2022, 11:39 am Did you know that the Uber ride you took last week probably didn’t include GST? Neither did I, until this week and the Government’s embarrassing u-turn on attempting to apply GST to Kiwisaver investment fees. Why Labour MPs didn’t recognise that tax proposal as the political powderkeg […]

Government levers to help solve the skills and talent shortage

Victoria MacLennan. 02 September 2022, 11:38 am Yesterday I met with Minister Clark and Minister Tinetti and associated officials from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). It was a nice meeting, they said positive things about the collaboration between industry and government in development […]

Actors behind PyPI supply chain attack have been active since late 2021

reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story The official software repository for the Python language, Python Package Index (PyPI), has been targeted in a complex supply chain attack that appears to have successfully poisoned at least two legitimate projects with credential-stealing malware, researchers said on Thursday. PyPI officials said last week that […]

An edit button won’t fix Twitter’s problems

Twitter has resisted adding the ability to edit tweets for years, despite it being the most-requested feature from its users, including would-be owner Elon Musk. Former chief executive Jack Dorsey previously said in 2020 that the company would probably never introduce an edit button, explaining that doing so would ruin the “vibe” from Twitter’s early […]

No GPUs for you: US blocks sales of AI chips to China and Russia

Enlarge / The Nvidia logo superimposed over China’s flag. Benj Edwards / Nvidia reader comments 30 with 24 posters participating Share this story In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing last Friday, Nvidia reported that US government officials have ordered restrictions on sales of its top AI chips to China and Russia. The new restrictions (in […]

The Download: gene therapy and AI chip wars

During the covid-19 pandemic, antibodies played a front-and-center role. We used home tests to look for them, and we took vaccines so our bodies would make more. Less attention was paid to B cells, the immune-system cells that actually make antibodies, churning out as many as 10,000 a second—and which, after an infection, can persist […]

A new gene therapy based on antibody cells is about to be tested in humans

So far, B cells haven’t gotten the same attention—indeed, genetically engineered versions have never been tested in a human. That’s partly because “engineering B cells is not that easy,” says Xin Luo, a professor at Virginia Tech who in 2009 demonstrated how to generate B cells that have an added gene. That early work, carried out […]

Microsoft finds TikTok vulnerability that allowed one-click account compromises

Getty Images reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story Microsoft said on Wednesday that it recently identified a vulnerability in TikTok’s Android app that could allow attackers to hijack accounts when users did nothing more than click on a single errant link. The software maker said it notified TikTok of the vulnerability […]