With Koe Recast, you can change your voice as easily as your clothing

Enlarge / A colorful waveform dramatically swirls through latent space, seeking kawaii. reader comments 55 with 41 posters participating, including story author Share this story Thanks to a web demo of a new AI tool called Koe Recast, you can transform up to 20 seconds of your voice into different styles, including an anime character, […]

The Download: inhaled covid vaccines, and fighting malaria

The covid-19 pandemic is still not over. And while injected vaccines provide good protection from severe disease, they don’t stop us from catching the virus or spreading it to others. Vaccines that you inhale through the nose or mouth, on the other hand, potentially could.In the last week, regulatory bodies in both India and China […]

AI, smart sensors, robotics feature in $236.5 million Endeavour funding round

Peter Griffin, Editor. 08 September 2022, 3:17 pm The tech industry has long lamented the absence in New Zealand of a dedicated research fund for tech-related projects. It means that cutting-edge artificial intelligence, robotics and quantum computing proposals have to duke it out in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s annual Endeavour Fund round […]

Ukraine is under attack by hacking tools repurposed from Conti cybercrime group

Getty Images reader comments 9 with 8 posters participating Share this story Financially motivated hackers with ties to a notorious Conti cybercrime group are repurposing their resources for use against targets in Ukraine, indicating that the threat actor’s activities closely align with the Kremlin’s invasion of its neighboring country, a Google researcher reported on Wednesday. […]

New wave of data-destroying ransomware attacks hits QNAP NAS devices

reader comments 7 with 7 posters participating Share this story Network hardware-maker QNAP is urging customers to update their network-attached storage devices immediately to protect them from a new wave of ongoing ransomware attacks that can destroy terabytes of data in a single stroke. Singapore-based QNAP said recently that it has identified a new campaign […]

Building great digital customer experiences with agile infrastructure

So then if I extend that. Two years ago, we launched DevCloud, UBS DevCloud, which is effectively an open ecosystem built on public cloud, where all our software engineers can have a seamless experience going from dev, to test, to deploy solutions while they’re running. That accelerates time to market, it decreased cost as well, […]

The Download: LinkedIn scammers, and annual covid shots

2 The Merge is crypto’s greatest test to dateIf it’s successful, it could solve many of the industry’s problems. (Economist $)+ The Ethereum upgrade will greatly improve its security. (Protocol) 3 Doomscrolling is bad for your health Partially avoiding the news made the study participants feel less distracted. (The Guardian)+ How to mend your broken pandemic […]

The 1,000 Chinese SpaceX engineers who never existed

“They all graduated from Tsinghua and went on to the University of Southern California or similar well-known universities,” Li says. “Besides that, they all worked at a certain company in Shanghai. Obviously, I suspect these are fake, generated data.”  (SpaceX did not reply to a request from MIT Technology Review to confirm the number of […]