The Download: growing organs, and Facebook’s garbage content

In the coming weeks, a volunteer in Boston, Massachusetts, will be the first to trial a new treatment that could end up creating a second liver in their body. And that’s just the beginning—in the months that follow, other volunteers will test doses that could leave them with up to six livers in their bodies. […]

Griffin on Tech: Zuckerberg still doesn’t get it

Peter Griffin, Editor. 26 August 2022, 1:39 pm Joe Rogan meets Mark Zuckerberg, on a podcast, talking for nearly three hours. Can you think of anything worse? Well, I listened to it, or at least skipped through it, so you don’t have to. Here we had comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, a notorious peddler of […]

How to be an Effective CIO

Simon Lloyd-Evans. 26 August 2022, 11:22 am We are once again running our highly successful Effective CIO course. This course is not technical, it’s all about the business. Past students have used the methods and tools learnt in this course to engage meaningfully with senior leadership, communicate the strategic value of investing in ICT, and […]

The most popular content on Facebook belongs in the garbage

But in trying to do so, it has demonstrated something else: the most popular content on Facebook is often awful, recycled generic memes.  It’s not necessarily surprising that reposting already popular memes gets views on Facebook, but “it’s imperative to monitor where the attention garnered by this content is directed” in order to catch attempts […]

Phishers who hit Twilio and Cloudflare stole 10k credentials from 136 others

Enlarge / This is definitely not a Razer mouse—but you get the idea. reader comments 8 with 7 posters participating Share this story Two weeks ago, Twilio and Cloudflare detailed a phishing attack so methodical and well-orchestrated that it tricked employees from both companies into revealing their account credentials. In the case of Twilio, the […]

This company is about to grow new organs in a person for the first time

And the lymph nodes near the liver are close enough to receive chemical distress signals sent out by the dying tissue of a diseased liver, says Lagasse. These signals are meant to encourage any remaining healthy liver tissue to regenerate, but this doesn’t work in cases of severe disease. However, the signals do appear to […]

Scientists have created synthetic mouse embryos with developed brains

The findings, described in a paper in Nature today, could help scientists learn more about how human embryos develop and provide insights into diseases, as well as providing an alternative to animals for testing, according to the researchers. The new model embryos, which bypass the need for sperm or egg cells, were developed in the […]

The Download: carbon capture subsidies, and Japan’s nuclear U-turn

The Inflation Reduction Act, which US President Joe Biden signed into law last week, will plow tens of billions of dollars into projects designed to capture carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released from power plants and industrial facilities. That provision is proving to be one of the more controversial climate items in the sweeping […]

Why the carbon capture subsidies in the climate bill are good news for emissions

But in the fierce debate over carbon capture, it’s often lost that the technology can also play crucial roles in accelerating emissions reductions across a variety of industries. That includes cleaning up heavily polluting industrial sectors like cement, steel, and fertilizer. The measures can also support the development of low-emissions fuels and what’s known as […]