The Download: urgent climate change questions, and DALL-E’s big launch

Blistering heat waves have smashed temperature records around the globe this summer, scorching crops, knocking out power, fueling wildfires, buckling roads and runways, and killing hundreds in Europe alone. The sudden shift from an abstract threat to reality has many people wondering: is climate change unfolding faster than scientists had expected? Are these extreme events […]

A digital human could be your next favorite celebrity—or financial advisor

Digital human created by Baidu AI Cloud and modeled after Chinese celebrity, Simon Gong. “Rising demand is driving the boom of digital humans,” says Shiyan Li, head of the digital human and robotics business at Baidu, which created the digital model-actor, Gong. “In China alone, there are over 400 million ACGN (animation, comics, games, and novel) fans, […]

Do these heatwaves mean climate change is happening faster than expected?

Scientists simply have had too short of a time period with a climate system warmed by human actions to determine the answers to those sorts of questions.  “There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to these unprecedented and record-shattering events,” said Flavio Lehner, assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Cornell, in an […]

Pro-Russia hack campaigns are running rampant in Ukraine

Getty Images reader comments 11 with 10 posters participating Share this story Pro-Russian threat actors are continuing their unrelenting pursuit of Ukrainian targets, with an array of campaigns that include fake Android apps, hack attacks exploiting critical vulnerabilities, and email phishing attacks that attempt to harvest login credentials, researchers from Google said. One of the […]

Spark goes rural to trial millimetre wave 5G technology

Peter Griffin, Editor. 21 July 2022, 7:29 am While our three mobile network operators are all currently operating limited 5G network coverage, some are already working on a new flavour of 5G that uses very high frequencies for more efficient data transfer. Spark has partnered with rural services provider Wrightson PPG to trial 5G millimetre […]

Netflix loses 970,000 subscribers, says ads and new fees are key to recovery

reader comments 99 with 63 posters participating Share this story Netflix yesterday reported a loss of 970,000 paid streaming subscribers in its Q2 earnings after having lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022. The company’s worldwide paid memberships decreased from 221.64 million to 220.67 million in Q2, and revenue growth has slowed dramatically. It’s […]

OpenAI is ready to sell DALL-E to its first million customers

A DALL-E beta subscription won’t break the bank: $15 buys you 115 credits, and one credit lets you submit a text prompt to the AI, which returns four images at a time. In other words, that’s $15 for 460 images. On top of this, users get 50 free credits in their first month and 15 […]

Deep learning delivers proactive cyber defense

The increased pace of high-profile threats (e.g., ransomware) is up to double–digit (15.8%) growth. The result is a dangerous path most likely to lead to continued losses for organizations that fall victim to a cyberattack without any gains in defensive powers. Indeed, a 2021 data breach report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute reveals that […]