1.1 quintillion operations per second: US has world’s fastest supercomputer

Enlarge / Systems engineer Matt Ezell, the system lead for the Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. reader comments 30 with 25 posters participating Share this story The US has retaken the top spot in the world supercomputer rankings with the exascale Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee. The Frontier […]

Code execution 0-day in Windows has been under active exploit for 7 weeks

reader comments 23 with 21 posters participating, including story author Share this story A critical code execution zero-day in all supported versions of Windows has been under active exploit for seven weeks, giving attackers a reliable means for installing malware without triggering Windows Defender and a roster of other endpoint protection products. The Microsoft Support […]

How to make critical infrastructure safer—there’s a long way to go

reader comments 14 with 11 posters participating Share this story Making critical infrastructure safer at Ars Frontiers. Click here for transcript. In the run-up to Ars Frontiers, I had the opportunity to talk with Lesley Carhart, director of Incident Response at Dragos. Known on Twitter as @hacks4pancakes, Carhart is a veteran responder to cyber incidents […]

The Download: Abortion clinic surveillance, and China’s economic slowdown

The Supreme Court is shortly expected to issue its decision on a challenge to Roe v. Wade that will—if a leaked draft version of the opinion holds—end federal protection for abortion access across the US. If that happens, it will have far-reaching consequences for millions of people.  One of those is that it could significantly […]

Anti-abortion activists are collecting the data they’ll need for prosecutions post-Roe

Identifying license plate information redacted by MIT Technology Review.HEATHER MOBLEY / CHARLOTTE FOR CHOICE Although news reports at the time framed this tracking as a new tactic, it goes back decades. One 1993 article from the Buffalo News mentions several accounts from clinic staffers and clients of harassing phone calls from anti-abortion activists that appear […]

Unfinished business on the digital divide – Jordan Carter

Peter Griffin, Editor. 31 May 2022, 5:37 pm He led InternetNZ for the best part of a decade, but Jordan Carter admits he feels frustrated at a lack of progress on bridging the digital divide. Carter is “thinking up the next adventure” according to his LinkedIn profile and is currently travelling in the US. But […]

The Download: Open source censorship in China, and US kids are more anxious than ever

Earlier this month, thousands of software developers in China woke up to find that their open-source code hosted on Gitee, a state-backed Chinese competitor to the international code repository platform GitHub, had been locked and hidden from public view. Gitee released a statement later that day explaining that the locked code was being manually reviewed, […]

Monday news in brief 30th May

Victoria MacLennan. 30 May 2022, 11:45 pm Kia ora koutou, It was a cold wet winters day today, the penultimate day of May, I was working from home with the fire going and merino socks on. The exhaustion of TechWeek is a distant memory but the people I met and mahi they shared are not, […]