What is Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

If you want to pay online, you need to register an account and provide credit card information. If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay with bank transfer. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, these methods may become obsolete. Imagine a world in which you can do transactions and many other things without having […]

A $620 million hack? Just another day in crypto

To support MIT Technology Review’s journalism, please consider becoming a subscriber. DeFi—an idea similar to smart contracts—is all about transparency and open-source code as an ideology. Unfortunately, in practice that too often means rickety multimillion-dollar projects held together with tape and gum. “There are a few things that make DeFi more vulnerable to hacking,” Grauer […]

Embracing culture change on the path to digital transformation

Meanwhile, young financial services companies were coming to market with innovative products and services and NAB was finding it difficult to compete. “Many customers today are expecting an Amazon experience, a Google experience, a Meta experience, but we were still operating in the 1990s,” says Day. “We stood back, and we looked at it, and […]

5G technology is about much more than just connecting people

5G-powered digitization promises to accelerate connectivity-led transformation in an increasingly hyperconnected world, ushering in a new range of possibilities for both individuals and enterprises. The transformative approach of 5G is pushing for an open standards, disaggregated, and cloud and edge-based approach for building networks. Source: MIT Technology Review

Aging clocks aim to predict how long you’ll live

Most aging clocks estimate a person’s biological age based on patterns of epigenetic markers—specifically, chemical tags called methyl groups that are layered onto DNA and affect how genes are expressed. The pattern of this methylation across thousands of sites on DNA seems to change as we age, although it’s not clear why. Some clocks promise […]

In praise of the dollar bill

The future of transactional media might look something like its past. An industry consultant once told me that “in the future cash will be the ‘c word,’ not something nice people use.” Indeed, the future is likely to be cash-light rather than fully cashless. Those relegated to cash-only status will transact on unequal terms. Today, […]

US uncovers “Swiss Army knife” for hacking industrial control systems

cravetiger | Getty Images reader comments 10 with 9 posters participating Share this story Malware designed to target industrial control systems like power grids, factories, water utilities, and oil refineries represents a rare species of digital badness. So when the United States government warns of a piece of code built to target not just one […]

How important is data privacy in mergers and acquisitions?

Data privacy and security must be built into the data, technology, and governance mechanisms underpinning a mergers and acquisitions deal, rather than being an afterthought. This can promote increased customer confidence, improved regulatory approval rates, and a healthy balance sheet. Source: MIT Technology Review