The changing economics of open source

Online systems like SourceForge and later GitHub made it easier to share and collaborate on smaller open-source components. Subsequently, the early and explosive growth of open-source software tested some of those original ideas to the breaking point. In contrast to the focus on creating alternatives to large software packages in the past, today there’s a […]

Flexibility is key when navigating the future of 6G

The differences between 5G and 6G are not just about what collection of bandwidths will make up 6G in the future and how users will connect to the network, but also about the intelligence built into the network and devices. “The collection of networks that will create the fabric of 6G must work differently for […]

The Download: Opting out of the crypto hype, and the gig workers resisting oppressive algorithms

The must-reads I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology. 1 China is claiming that only 17 people have died from covid in ShanghaiWhich raises questions about how it defines a covid death. (NYT $)+ The city is forcing vulnerable and elderly residents into makeshift quarantine camps. (CNN)+ Unsurprisingly, the strict lockdown has sparked […]

The gig workers fighting back against the algorithms

“When I interview representatives of the driver community, they say that their life in Gojek is like a drug addiction,” says Suci Lestari Yuana, a PhD candidate at Utrecht University, who studies the conflicts and controversies surrounding the platform economy in Indonesia. They watch their income shrink, but “they don’t have other options to get […]

It’s okay to opt out of the crypto revolution

Bigger players haven’t figured out peer-to-peer crypto either. PayPal and Venmo (which PayPal owns) have claimed to support crypto since early 2021. But a closer look at their services reveals that though the platforms allow US customers to buy, sell, or trade crypto—invest, basically—they can’t pay for purchases or send crypto to other users. If […]

Major crypto blunder in Java enables “psychic paper” forgeries

Getty Images reader comments 14 with 13 posters participating Share this story Organizations using newer versions of Oracle’s Java framework woke up on Wednesday to a disquieting advisory: A critical vulnerability can make it easy for adversaries to forge TLS certificates and signatures, two-factor authentication messages, and authorization credentials generated by a range of widely […]

Netflix stock plummets 37% as CEO says company plans ad-supported tier

Enlarge / Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, on October 18, 2021. Getty Images | Bloomberg reader comments 259 with 122 posters participating Share this story Netflix plans to launch a lower-priced subscription tier with ads, CEO Reed Hastings said Tuesday in an interview to discuss first-quarter […]

Growing the industry: Mentoring

Victoria MacLennan. 20 April 2022, 10:57 pm One of my long term mentees is in the country (awesome our boarders are open again) and stopping by for a visit this weekend. She is young, successful, highly motivated and now a mentor herself, but she still calls me at all hours of the day and night […]

Scientists could use AI to detect looming volcanic eruptions

Peter Griffin, Editor. 20 April 2022, 10:37 pm The 2019 Whakaari/White Island volcanic eruption killed 22 people and has resulted in ongoing legal action in an attempt to hold to account those who allowed tourists and employees on the island that fateful day. But a team of University of Canterbury scientists have attempted to salvage […]