UN climate report: Carbon removal is now “essential”

Cutting emissions that rapidly would require breakneck transitions to new technologies as well as steep reductions in energy demand. That would take unprecedented human behavior changes and efficiency improvements, all of which would be “quite challenging to accomplish in the real world,” says Zeke Hausfather, a contributor to an earlier working group for the latest […]

Russia inches closer to its splinternet dream

Kirill Kudryavtsev | Getty Images reader comments 5 with 5 posters participating Share this story Russian Twitter users noticed something strange when they tried to access the service on March 4: They couldn’t. For the previous six days, anyone trying to access Twitter from within Russia saw their Internet speed slow to a crawl, no […]

Explaining Spring4Shell: The Internet security disaster that wasn’t

Getty Images reader comments 3 with 3 posters participating Share this story Hype and hyperbole were on full display this week as the security world reacted to reports of yet another Log4Shell. The vulnerability came to light in December and is arguably one of the gravest Internet threats in years. Christened Spring4Shell—the new code-execution bug […]

The Download: Droughts are cutting into California’s hydropower. Here’s what that means for clean energy.

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology. 1 Biden’s administration might sanction KasperskyIt’s weighing up the decision carefully, because punishing a cybersecurity giant is a risky business. (WSJ $)+ Oligarchs are exploiting UK data privacy laws to sue holders of “undesirable info”. (WP $)+ Troops reportedly suffering from radiation […]

Droughts are cutting into California’s hydropower. Here’s what that means for clean energy.

Hydropower often comes under fire for its environmental impact, because dams disrupt ecosystems. In fact, California currently doesn’t count large hydropower plants in its renewable-power targets. But regardless of how it’s categorized, hydropower is a lower-emissions alternative to fossil fuels.  During high-stress times on the grid, the reduced reliability of hydropower is already causing problems, […]

Apple rushes out patches for two zero-days threatening iOS and macOS users

reader comments 14 with 13 posters participating Share this story Apple on Thursday released fixes for two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that give hackers dangerous access to the internals of the OSes the devices run on. Apple credited an anonymous researcher with discovering both vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability, CVE-2022-22675, resides in […]

Griffin on Tech: The EU’s plan to bring Big Tech into line

Peter Griffin, Editor. 01 April 2022, 1:47 pm New Zealand’s tech start-up community has done very nicely over the last decade or so developing software and applications that solve problems encountered all over the world. Xero embodied Rod Drury’s vision for a user-friendly accounting package. For Raygun’s founders, it was a desire to streamline the […]