Researcher uses 600-year-old algorithm to crack crypto keys found in the wild

reader comments 14 with 11 posters participating Share this story Cryptographic keys generated with older software now owned by technology company Rambus are weak enough to be broken instantly using commodity hardware, a researcher reported on Monday. This revelation is part of an investigation that also uncovered a handful of weak keys in the wild. […]

Gearing up the CFO’s office for global expansion at Thai Union

Thai Union streamlined its financial planning process to improve the visibility and effectiveness of its finance organization. They achieved this by implementing a business planning and consolidation platform on the cloud using a hybrid-agile methodology. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

A Forrester study on unleashing cloud-native for new levels of value delivery

Read this Forrester consulting thought-leadership paper sponsored by Infosys to understand the impacts of cloud-native application development and delivery, to discover the right approach for scaled execution, and to learn recommendations for executing such an approach with cloud-first thinking. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

Securing the ecosystem: Identifying the weakest link in your supply chain

With increased connectivity and collaboration within business ecosystems, supply chains face a mounting threat from cybercriminals. Basic cybersecurity hygiene is no longer enough. Firms must carefully assess their partner ecosystems and take measures to ensure security and business resilience. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

Managing financial risks and compliance with technology

Risks have increased for financial institutions during the pandemic, highlighting drawbacks in risk management practices and existing models. For those institutions that can’t carve out the extra investment, regulation-as-a-service (RaaS) could be an option. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

The power of data and digital technologies in medicine

Ravi Kumar S., president of Infosys, interviews Dr. Aymen Elfiky, division director at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, who talks about how smart hardware, software, and data will completely change and amplify the role of doctors in the future. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

Cloud’s evolution from infrastructure to innovation

Anant Adya, EVP and head cloud, infrastructure and security services at Infosys, discusses the evolution of the cloud from infrastructure to innovation. Adya explains how cloud has advanced from its keep-the-lights-on infrastructure days to the modern make-magic-happen multi-cloud days. Source: MIT Technology Review

5G will change how we think about communication

The pandemic has made it clear that communications need to be full-blown utilities—always on, reliable, and fast. Our communication and network technologies need to be seamless, much like we expect power in our homes and businesses without interacting with the electric meter. 5G networks, together with cloud, IoT, and AI technologies, will facilitate the seamless, […]

Scale and future-proof enterprise transformation with applied AI

Watch this insightful discussion on how organizations can future-proof and scale AI investment, while minimizing risks. Participants include Infosys leaders, a senior executive from E.ON, Germany, an academician from IESE Business School, and a leading IT and media lawyer. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology Review

Seeing is believing: Visibility is key in the cloud era

“I can remember those days when everything was hosted in-house and third-party components were installed on our servers, and now it has changed totally,” Ravindran says. “You have these APIs running everywhere for every aspect of the solution stack, so it is becoming increasingly complex to manage today. Everything is now connected to everything else.” […]