Winter Olympics  cloud technology sets a different record

From venue to screen Most significantly, the Olympic Winter Games increased its use of cloud technology to broadcast events globally. Traditionally, getting the Olympics onto people’s screens required expensive international telecommunication optical circuits, as well as sizeable news and broadcast crews who had to be flown into the host city. But the Olympic Broadcasting Services […]

Trickbot is using MikroTik routers to ply its trade. Now we know why

Getty Images reader comments 14 with 10 posters participating Share this story For years, malicious hackers have been hacking large fleets of MikroTik routers and conscripting them into Trickbot, one of the Internet’s most destructive botnets. Now, Microsoft has finally figured out why and how the devices are being put to use. Trickbot came to […]

Netflix fights password-sharing with test of $3 “Extra Member” fee

Getty Images | cyano66 reader comments 61 with 51 posters participating Share this story Netflix will soon charge an extra fee for sharing accounts with people in other households in the company’s latest attempt to reduce the password-sharing that has been common among Netflix users for years. The fee will roll out in Chile, Costa […]

Nvidia wants to speed up data transfer by connecting data center GPUs to SSDs 

Getty Images reader comments 11 with 8 posters participating Share this story Microsoft brought DirectStorage to Windows PCs this week. The API promises faster load times and more detailed graphics by letting game developers make apps that load graphical data from the SSD directly to the GPU. Now, Nvidia and IBM have created a similar SSD/GPU […]

The secret police: After protests around George Floyd’s murder ended, a police system for watching protesters kept going

To support MIT Technology Review’s journalism, please consider becoming a subscriber. OSN team activities  The activities of each of the OSN teams mentioned is unclear—the agencies involved in OSN responded to our request for clarification by saying  that “mutual aid” and “joint response” was commonplace, and that a collaborative response to trials for officers outside […]

Scammers have 2 clever new ways to install malicious apps on iOS devices

reader comments 2 with 2 posters participating Share this story Scammers pushing iOS malware are stepping up their game by abusing two legitimate Apple features to bypass App Store vetting requirements and trick people into installing malicious apps. Apple has long required that apps pass a security review and be admitted to the App Store […]

Plenty of critical tech worker visas still up for grabs

Peter Griffin, Editor. 17 March 2022, 7:55 am The Government’s tech class exception to border restrictions, allowing up to 600 visas to be issued to highly skilled tech workers has received strong interest, but there are plenty of visas still to be allocated. That’s according to NZTech Chief Executive who used an ITP NZ webinar […]

What do psychedelic drugs do to our brains? AI could help us find out

Randomized clinical trials, which involve giving some participants a drug, others a placebo, and comparing the effects of both, are considered the gold standard in such studies.   But such trials are slow and expensive, and tend to involve only a small number of participants. “[It takes] multiple years, costs a seven-digit amount of money, [and] […]