Embrace digital transformation with engineering cloud for tangible business values

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Abhishek Goyal, vice president and global practice head for digital engineering at Infosys, explains the concept of engineering cloud and walks us through the trends, best practices, and solutions in the cloud for transforming engineering functions in product enterprises. Click here […]

Accelerate hybrid cloud transformation with next-gen data management

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Data within many organizations are fragmented, unsecured, unproductive, and rarely limited to one cloud. Enterprises need unique approaches and modern solutions to simplify data management and derive more value from one of their most valuable assets: their data. Click here to […]

Vanguard transforms the retirement industry with hyper-personalization

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Read this exclusive story featuring Amber Czonstka, head of institutional investor advice and client experience at Vanguard, speaking about the journey taken with Infosys to reshape the corporate retirement plan experience for their clients. Click here to continue. Source: MIT Technology […]

The power of AI and cloud—evolution meets convergence

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” In an interview with Dr. Sally Eaves, a global strategic advisor on digital transformation, Balakrishna D.R., EVP, head of AI and automation, Infosys, explores the drivers of change in AI and cloud, and how it is impacting enterprise strategic development. Click […]

Spark implements Agile work practices to embrace business change

Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” Read this exclusive story featuring Kallol Dutta, Tribe Lead—Data & Automation, Spark New Zealand. Dutta shares how leveraging cloud capabilities using Infosys Cobalt and applied AI and automation helped Spark implement agile work practices across the organization and improve customer retention. […]

Researchers find threat group that has been active for 5 years

Enlarge / Warning: Data transfer in progress Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images reader comments 7 with 7 posters participating Share this story Researchers on Tuesday revealed a new threat actor that over the past five years has blasted thousands of organizations with an almost endless stream of malicious messages designed to infect systems with data-stealing malware. TA2541, as […]

This fuel plant will use agricultural waste to combat climate change

A startup plans to build a new type of fuel-producing plant in California’s fertile Central Valley that would, if it works as hoped, continually capture and bury carbon dioxide. The facility, developed by Mote of Los Angeles, would rely on the mounds of agricultural waste produced on the state’s sprawling almond orchards and other types […]

A new map of NYC’s cameras shows more surveillance in Black and brown neighborhoods

Areas of New York City with higher rates of “stop-and-frisk” police searches have more closed-circuit TV cameras, according to a new report from Amnesty International’s Decode Surveillance NYC project. Beginning in April 2021, over 7,000 volunteers began surveying New York City’s streets through Google Street View to document the location of cameras; the volunteers assessed […]

Hacking group is on a tear, hitting US critical infrastructure and SF 49ers

reader comments 32 with 19 posters participating, including story author Share this story A couple of days after the FBI warned that a ransomware group called BlackByte had compromised critical infrastructure in the US, the group hacked servers belonging to the San Francisco 49ers football team and held some of the team’s data for ransom. […]

We now have a draft plan for the digital sector – have your say on it

Peter Griffin, Editor. 15 February 2022, 9:25 am After a lengthy period of development, the draft industry transformation plan (ITP) for the digital technologies sector is finally ready for your feedback. The draft plan represents dozens of workshops, steering groups, industry forums, all undertaken in the shadow of the pandemic, but attempting to grapple with […]