Carbon removal factory

In September, Climeworks flipped the switch on Orca, the largest plant to date that is designed to remove carbon dioxide from the air.  The facility, outside Reykjavik, Iceland, can capture 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Large fans suck air through a filter, where materials bind with CO2 molecules. The company’s partner, Carbfix, […]

Covid variant tracking

Omicron is the most dramatic evolution yet. A lab in South Africa first sent up a warning flare in November after its sequencers spotted a virus genome with more than 50 mutations. Almost instantly, computers in Seattle, Boston, and London were using the data to spit out predictions: omicron was trouble, a variant likely to […]

Decarbonizing maritime shipping

Efforts to decarbonize pose risks, both environmental and economic, due to maritime shipping’s vital position in the global economy. About 80% of trade by volume and more than 70% by value is transported across water into ports worldwide. And maritime freight volume is projected to triple by 2050 as many countries strive to reach carbon […]

IT strategies for hybrid cloud

“If we think about a large modern enterprise, we may have two, three, four data centers; three, four, five public cloud providers; dozens, if not hundreds of edge locations,” says Sinclair. “And we have data moving and apps moving everywhere all the time.”  For example, the London Stock Exchange Group has dozens of data centers, […]

True innovation requires big tech, academia and government to work together

The risks are not merely economic ones that hurt our knowledge- and technology-intensive economy; they are strategic ones that threaten our national and global security. We need our powerful innovation ecosystem to become both more agile and more robust in the face of them. Our federal government has a key role here that only it […]

NZ-founded venture capital firm launches fund for Web3 projects

Peter Griffin, Editor. 22 February 2022, 9:37 am Aera VC, the Singapore-based venture capital firm co-founded by New Zealand entrepreneur Derek Handley, has launched Aera Force, a DAO (distributed autonomous organisation) to fund blockchain and other Web3 projects that tackle climate change. Aera Force is initially raising the equivalent of 2000 ETH (Ethereum) tokens for […]

The US is unmasking Russian hackers faster than ever

When the APT1 report was published, the document was immensely detailed, down to the level of singling out the Chinese People’s Liberation Army cyber espionage group known as Unit 61398. A year later, the US Department of Justice effectively backed up the report when it indicted five officers from the unit on charges of hacking […]

Space is all yours—for a hefty price

Okay, so it’s a new era—but what does it mean? Do these forays represent a future in which even the average person might book a celestial flight and bask in the splendor of Earth from above? Or is this just another way for the ultrawealthy to flash their cash while simultaneously ignoring and exacerbating our […]

Online “auctions” of women are just the latest attacks on Muslims in India

The slow action is part of a larger pattern, says Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch. Authorities are quick to accuse government critics, she says, but “hate speech and violent actions by government supporters are seldom prosecuted.”   Social media companies, which have the ability to take down offensive posts and stem misinformation, are […]

New ITP CEO Announced

Anthony Dowling, ITP President. 21 February 2022, 4:52 pm Following an extensive search and recruitment process, the National Board of IT Professionals NZ is excited to announce the appointment of Victoria MacLennan as its next CEO.  ITPNZ is the professional body of the tech sector, representing thousands of professions across New Zealand. As the longest […]