The US government is ending the China Initiative. Now what?

Ending the initiative  An MIT Technology Review investigation published in December found that the China Initiative had strayed far from its initial mission. Instead of focusing on economic espionage, the initiative appeared to be an umbrella for cases with some connection to China. Defendants were often charged with lesser infractions like grant fraud, visa fraud, […]

Russia’s most cut-throat hackers infect network devices with new botnet malware

Getty Images reader comments 9 with 9 posters participating, including story author Share this story Hackers for one of Russia’s most elite and brazen spy agencies have infected home and small-office network devices around the world with a previously unseen malware that turns them into attack platforms that can steal confidential data and target other […]

How the Ukraine invasion could accelerate Europe’s clean energy shift

In response to Putin’s actions, German chancellor Olaf Scholz announced plans to halt development of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, designed to carry natural gas between Russia and the northern part of that nation.   In addition, the European Union and United States imposed a variety of sanctions that included tight restrictions on some state-owned financial institutions […]

Exploring the nanoworld

“One thing I had no idea about was her impoverished background. She came from a situation where, basically, her family had nothing,” Weinstock says. As the daughter of immigrants in 1930s New York City, Dresselhaus lived through one of the most difficult times in American history. To help keep her family afloat, she got her […]

Am I still Chinese enough?

The pleasant aspects of American suburbia that I had missed while living in Taiwan no longer mattered. I did not care that the houses around me had nice, trimmed green lawns with beautiful gardens. Endless rows of houses reminded me of the dull and repetitive days I lived here: go to school, do homework, practice […]

The man no one knows who changed Boston

While he is barely remembered today, his munificent generosity left a permanent mark on MIT and Boston. During his life, Hayden was a president of the MIT Alumni Association and a “life member” of the MIT Corporation. His name is one of six gracing the entrance of the East Campus dorm, the result of a […]

A new look for the MITAA

“You can’t overstate the contributions to design of true legends like Muriel Cooper [MIT Press’s longtime design director and a cofounding faculty member of the Media Lab] and Jacqueline Casey [an Institute graphic designer who achieved renown for her posters],” says Bierut. “In the 1960s and ’70s, they helped define a visual language that not […]

Arthur ’73 and Sandra Reidel

Art and Sandy Reidel say the personal connections they have made at MIT inspire their ongoing support for the Institute, specifically for programs that instill leadership skills in students. “MIT is an incredible collection of wonderful individuals,” Art says. “We support MIT because we are confident it is a way to maximize the positive impact […]

Finding the link between poverty and public health

Ko enrolled at Harvard Medical School, where he finished his studies in 1991. After residency, as a Cornell faculty member, he left for Brazil to direct a public health project funded jointly by the country’s ministry of health and the US National Institutes of Health. In Salvador, one of Brazil’s poorest cities, Ko trained a […]

Lessons in leadership: Life after combat

After 27 years as an aviation officer in the US Army, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pedro Almeida believes that all we need to know about leadership can be learned in kindergarten. “Be kind, treat people with respect,” says Almeida, who retired as a colonel in 2015 and is now chief operations officer of […]